Mary Albing, Evangelical Lutheran Church’s First Lady-Loving Pastor

This is the Rev. Mary Albing. She’s a Lutheran pastor in Minneapolis, but in the eyes of the governing Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, she never held the post, because she’s a lesbian. That ended yesterday, when Bishop Craig Johnson of the Minneapolis Synod signed “the original Letter of Call that Albing got from the church in 2003. She is believed to be the first lesbian to become a rostered ELCA pastor since the denomination voted last year to accept gays and lesbians in committed relationships.” Here’s to the day when we no longer have to write these posts, because no major religious groups will consider sexual orientation a job qualifier, and all the “first gays” have come and gone.

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    Pope Benadick aka the boy nazi just got a little woozy……..

  • NeccoGelfling

    It’s great news, but I have to nitpick a bit at the title: she’s not the “first lady-loving pastor” unless there have been no straight male pastors. I think you mean “first lady-loving FEMALE pastor.”

  • Hyhybt

    @NeccoGelfling: “First lady-loving pastress,” then?

    I don’t think Lutherans call them ‘pastors’ anyway.

  • Baxter

    @Hyhybt: They do call them pastors.

  • Ross

    I am very excited for the return of Mary Albing to the ELCA roster, but this story has quite a few inaccuracies. First, Pastor Albing has ALWAYS been on the ELCA roster. She was never removed when she came out. She was considered “on leave from call” for the last several years, while she was the pastor of this particular congregation.

    Secondly, there are several lesbian pastors serving in the ELCA, at various degrees of “outness”. Some have suffered more than others. There are actually a variety of situations which have caused people to 1) be in the closet, 2) leave to another denomination in which to serve, 3)abandon the call to serve as a pastor all together, or 4) suffer the consequences of being removed. These are only 4 of many scenarios that are being faced by LGBT pastors across the ELCA.

    Thanks for sharing the good news, but the story is always more complicated than that.

  • Hyhybt

    @Baxter: OK.

  • jeffree

    Congrats Mary Albing !
    I wish you well in your ministery.
    I say that as an agnostic but with all good will. As you have experienced, the LGBT population has too often experienced homophobia from religious persons. If you can do ++Anything++ to make your denomination to feel welcoming 2 the LGBT believers then you will help undo some of the wrongs committed by judgemental or wrong-headed Pastors & preachers who seek to vilify us. When people of faith realize they can be accepted by their churches, it will help them to accept themselves.
    Buon corraggio! Much courage to you !

    @Ross: Thanks for those clarifications. Much appreciatted.

  • Bro.Edgardo E.Grande Sr.

    Dear Beloved in Christ,

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