Mary Trump savages Lauren Boebert over her State of the Union outburst

Rep. Lauren Boebert
Rep. Lauren Boebert (Photo: YouTube)

President Biden gave his first State of the Union address last night. Although much of the coverage focussed on his comments about the situation in Ukraine and an update on the country’s Covid response, someone else managed to hog attention.

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert twice heckled the President. Alongside Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, she tried to start a chant of ‘Build the wall!’ – which was roundly ignored by everyone else.

Then, when Biden talked about the cancer risk posed to military personnel by toxic fumes from burn pits, Boebert again yelled out.

After Biden said, “A cancer that would put them in a flag-draped coffin, I know —” Boebert yelled, “You put them in, 13 of them!”

Boebert was referencing the 13 US military personnel who died during the evacuation of Kabul.

Biden went on to finish his sentence, which was a reference to his own son.

“One of those soldiers was my son, Major Beau Biden.”

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Boebert’s outburst prompted gasps from lawmakers on both sides of the political spectrum, audible ‘whoah’s from some Democrats and some booing.

Boebert also tried to make a political point in her choice of outfit. She wore a black shawl with the words, ‘Drill baby, drill’ emblazoned on it. Boebert, whose husband has made hundreds of thousands of dollars as a consultant for energy firms, is pushing for allowing more drilling for energy resources in her home state of Colorado.

After Biden’s speech, Boebert was unrepentant about her outburst.

Most people were left unimpressed.

Mary L. Trump, the gay niece of former President Donald Trump, summed up the feelings of many, saying: “Imagine being so bereft of humanity that you would heckle a president as he talked about his dead son? The GOP is entirely responsible for this disgrace.”

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Many others echoed that criticism.

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