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Mary Trump has some thoughts about the explosive Mar-a-Lago affidavit that was just released

The U.S. Justice Department just released a redacted version of the FBI affidavit used to justify the August 8 search of the Mar-a-Lago and, wow.

The release of the affidavit was approved by U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart who said it could be unsealed after the DOJ submitted its proposed redactions. Reinhart, a Trump appointee, also approved the warrant that initially allowed FBI agents to search Trump’s Florida property in the first place.

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Agents removed several boxes of highly classified documents, much to the ex-president’s chagrin. Now, thanks to the 36-page affidavit being released, we have a better idea of what those documents were and, um, holy sh*t. 

Politico reports:

Records the FBI obtained from Trump’s Florida home in advance of the Aug. 8 search bore indications they contained human source intelligence, intercepts under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and signals intelligence, as well as other tags indicating high sensitivity. Several of those tightly-controlled documents contained Trump’s “handwritten notes,” the partially-redacted affidavit detailing the Justice Department investigation says.

In those boxes, agents found 184 unique documents, 25 of which were marked “top secret,” 92 of which were marked “secret,” and 67 of which were marked “confidential”–the lowest level of national security classification. According to the affidavit, NARA officials found some of those “highly classified records were unfoldered, intermixed with other records, and otherwise unproperly [sic] identified.”

So, not only was Trump illegally hanging onto classified documents, but they weren’t even being kept in separate folders. Our nation’s most top secrets were mixed together with a bunch of other random junk and miscellaneous items in boxes being store in the ex-president’s basement.

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Shortly after the affidavit was released, Mary Trump appeared to call for her crazy uncle to finally be indicted, tweeting: “This should be enough, yes?”

We would certainly hope so!

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