Council Votes 8-0 For Equality

Maryland County Passes Trans Discrimination Law

Maryland’s Montgomery County made real progress yesterday when it passed a trans-inclusive non-discrimination law. Ignoring vocal protests from Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays, the county’s city council voted 8-0 to forbid discrimination based on gender identity or expression.

Trans politico Dana Beyer (pictured), who works for Councilwoman Duchy Trachtenberg celebrated the vote, telling Washington Blade‘s Joshua Lynsen:

I’m thrilled that it was unanimous. It’s very touching. I think it’s a day of celebration. It’s another step toward getting these protections on the state level and on the national level.

Beyer also took time to reject PFOX’s claim that trans men will be “naked with biological females, saying: “No trans person in the midst of transition, before genital surgery, goes and exposes himself or herself in any public facility.” Too bad conservatives can’t wrap their closed little minds around the difference between gender and sexuality.