Maryland Governor O’Malley Wants To Be The Next Andrew Cuomo Of Gay Marriage

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley wants to sponsor, campaign for, and pass a same-sex marriage bill during the next legislative session. Could Maryland have marriage equality by 2012. Maybe New York Governor Cuomo showed his neighbors just how influential the bully pulpit can be when it comes to helping pass marriage equality. Here’s the twist though… O’Malley is a Catholic and the Maryland Catholic Conference has already called O’Malley’s pledge “regrettable.” Will O’Malley be able to outgun the Catholic church, charity, and financial network?

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  • Steve

    Is that unicorn made of Legos? If so, that is awesome.

    Oh yeah, GO MARYLAND!

  • tjr101

    O’Malley needs to show conviction, determination and strategic aggression the same way Gov. Cuomo has done for NYState. If he does, Maryland should have marriage equality… besides they already have a Democratic majority in both chambers of the Maryland state legislature.

  • Tom

    I’ve heard a claim that O’Malley has a gay brother but have no personal knowledge.

    Also, regarding that pink graphic you have of Maryland the slender part on the lower right is actually Virginia.

  • Cam

    The REason that MArriage eventually passed in NYC is that the vote was taken even when they knew it would lose. That way gay groups knew to target the Democrats that voted against it, and the GOP members that were really against it.

    In Maryland, the gay groups thought that it wouldn’t be nice to force the vote when they didn’t think they could win, and allowed the state reps some cover. So hopefully this next attempt to get the bill through will be better. Force a vote and let us know who to kick out in the next elections people. Enough of covering for bigots and cowards.

  • Bill W

    @Cam: Your point is spot on. It’s hard to know who’s really on our side and who needs to be the focus on lonnying since we don’t have votes on the record. I think we shouldn’t be afraid to lose a few votes, it’ll help us know who to get out of office and who to work to get on board.

  • Kirk212

    Maryland residents are the most affluent and among the most educated in the US. This should be a no brainer. O’Malley is actually a great governor and has a good political future ahead nationally.

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