Maryland House Says YES To (Seriously Flawed) Trans Protections Bill


In a 86-52 vote, Maryland’s House of Delegates approved the Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Act, which bars discrimination against trans people by employers and landlords. This is the same group of people that snubbed a same-sex marriage bill a couple weeks back. But guess what, businesses? The bill, if it comes law, wouldn’t prohibit you from kicking weird looking trannies out of your store! Indeed, the bill lacks a “public accommodation” provision, meaning everything from your local TGI Friday’s or Mobil gas station can tell a trans woman to get the fuck out, just because. Supposedly this was a move to appease their colleagues in the Senate. But let the record also show Maryland’s real heroes, including Democratic Del. Joseph Minnick, who used his time in front of colleagues to make fun of MTFs he sees in the bathroom, and Del. Michael A. McDermott, who says the bill provides protections for “folks who don’t have a compass.”