Maryland Moms Back Gay Marriage In State

Whenever a group of moms wearing pearls gather at a press conference to say something about the gays, we usually duck our heads and wait for the damnation to end. But a group of mothers from Maryland’s Montgomery County came together Thursday to voice their support for Question 6, the state’s same-sex marriage referendum on the ballot in four days.

The Washington Blade reports:

“I’m opening my home to you all because it’s an important issue of fairness on the ballot this year in Maryland,” said retired Library of Congress librarian Marilyn Parr during a press conference outside her Silver Spring home. “I’ve gathered some women like me who believe Question 6 is about fairness and equality. I’ll let them share their stories with you, but I believe that a couple who is willing to make a lifelong commitment should be treated with the fairness I received in my own marriage. It’s the right thing to do. And it’s time that Maryland voters do the right thing and vote for fairness and equality for all families to be equal under the law.”

“I voted for Question 6 because I believe in the Golden Rule and I want to raise my children in a state where we treat others as we want to be treated,” said Silver Spring resident and self-proclaimed life-long Christian Jane Meier.

“Every family deserves dignity, and all children need to be protected under the law,” said Susan Wilson. “We all know someone who’s gay or lesbian. They are our neighbors, our friends, our family or even members of our congregations or synagogues. And their children, who are every bit as precious as my own, deserve the securities afforded to our families under the law. In six days we all have an opportunity to provide fairness and equality for these families and children. They deserve the same protections I enjoy simply because of the person I married.”

“Marriage equality just makes sense to me,” Michelle Russo said. “I met the love of my life 16 years ago, and I married him three years later. I believe the gay couple down the street should be able to have the same marriage that we do. The freedom to marry should be afforded to all committee couples.”

There may not be one million of them, but these moms got their message across loud and clear.

Photo: The Washington Blade/Michael K. Levars

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  • magsmagenta

    It’s a shame that the right wingers use their biological status as Mothers to make themselves out to be somehow special.
    The majority of women at some time in their lives become Mothers, that doesn’t mean that all Mothers are ignorant pearl clutching conservatives who freak out every time someone says ‘Damn’
    I’m a Mother myself, but I also happen to be an Athiest, I’ve listened to Heavy Metal since I was a teenager, and live in Iron Maiden T Shirts most of the time, and I’m quite happy for my daughter to watch TV programmes with mildly sexual jokes such as Big Bang Theory and Red Dwarf.
    So I’m very glad that there are some sensible ‘Moms’ out there who have got together to try and redress the balance and show that you don’t suddenly become a paranoid religious maniac as soon as you give birth.

  • Shanestud

    Since many black Christians are being urged by their preachers to vote against marriage equality in a state that has a significant black population it’s sad to see that there is not one black mother in that photo. Black voters may be the deciders in this struggle for s-s marriage in Maryland. Bad optics Maryland Moms!

  • Daniel Philippe

    When I was reading this, I was really happy and I felt like crying because it shows that people do care, and it makes me happy that I have someone who will support me when I marry someone of the same sex :). Thank you Maryland Moms!

  • sangsue

    I am in Maryland and so far, it looks like we’re gonna win! Thanks to Barack Obama’s endorsement, the African Americans in Maryland have accepted Question 6 and the anti-question 6 lying ads have only been in the past two weeks, probably because they saw we were winning. The emeritus of the NAACP is in a commercial endorsing Question 6. The last time I checked (a few days ago) we were at 50% pro-gay marriage (Question 6) and 40% against. That’s HUGE considering that if we do win, it will be one of the first times gay marriage wins by election, not by judicial decision or state decision. Governor Martin O’Malley is a big reason why gay marriage is in Maryland to begin with and once we win, it will go into effect January 2013.

  • Scott Johansen

    If we win, it’s thanks to the many African Americans who shared their compassion for civil rights and equality for all. But if we lose, it’s due to many African Americans who simply refuse to believe that civil rights could be granted to any other oppressed outside their race. The power of the african american vote is vast here and I hope it’s in the right direction. Recent polls have suggested an overwhelming amount of caucasian, asian and even latino support for gay marriage in Maryland, so we’re really hoping that African Americans will side with humane treatment for all here. So far, the polls look ok, but it’s tight.

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