Maryland Schoolkids Now Free to Roam the World Wide Gay Web

It’s not just deciding who gets to go to prom that make some schools terrible places for LGBT kids. Harford County Public Schools, in Maryland, was blocking access to gay sites (some of which are not about porn!), even those belonging to GLSEN. The scarier trend: sites arguing for equality were blocked, while those advocating against it were not. Then the ACLU got involved, and the district caved, opening up the filter to students looking to access the websites homosexual activists, whose agenda strikes once again!

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  • jamison

    i’m lovin’ me some ACLU right now!

  • terrwill

    There can be two reasons for this:

    #1 Many IT people are too lazy to go down a few layers in the filtering software. The software gives you a menu of catagories to block. The broad catagories like “Sex”, “Gore” “Violence” are usually automaticaly checked for schools. If you simply click “Gay and Lesbian Interest” in an effort to block Gay porn you will block site that is Gay related. If you select the sub headings you can block Gay sex stuff but allow other catagories. It is a simple fix……..

    Or what I am ascared that happens too many times is that it is a deliberate attempt to give any Gay kids the access to any Gay content simply based on hating on the Gays. This includes info on preventing Gay teen suicide, support groups, info on comming out and the like. Based on the current Derrick Martin Drama, which has been repeated countless times, one can pretty much figger out why these filters are configured as they are………

  • roger

    growing up and living in harford county my whole life, i’m not surprised. I was the first to come out in 2006 when I went to north harford high, and later tried to start a QSA which got shut down by one of the teachers. while effed up, its still my hometown and you just have to laugh at the ignorance.

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