Maryland’s Marriage Equality Campaign Needs $2M

Marylanders for Marriage Equality needs to raise $2 million to defend the states same-sex marriage law, according to Governor Martin O’Malley.

Speaking at a press conference of LGBT reporters and bloggers, O’Malley said:

“We’re continuing to raise every day in every way, but I really want to make it clear here that we have the ability to pass this in Maryland. It is keeping with the character of our state. It will protect rights equally under the law while protecting religious liberty. That’s why our state was founded to begin with, but we do need to raise money here. We do need to raise another couple of million dollars, and if we’re able to do that I believe that we will pass this. And raising those dollars is critically important for our ability to be able to defend this at the ballot.”

MME’s campaign director Josh Levin told the Washington Blade back in June they could run a “winning campaign” with $5 to $7 million, and while O’Malley declined to reveal how much Marylanders has raised, he assured that they were “beyond the 50-yard line.” Helping to score the touchdown [or some other relevant football thing], is Adam Lambert who is slated to perform at an MME fundraiser tonight.

While Levin admitted that Marylanders for Marriage Equality had only been able to buy a week’s worth of airtime, their opponents had secured four weeks. O’Malley warned that their attack ads would attempt to divide black and gay Marylanders, convince voters that legalizing gay marriage would mean that “every child in Maryland will somehow be taught they need to be gay” or persuade them that the ballot language will somehow deceive them.

Sounds about right. Anyway, should the soothing sounds of Adam Lambert fail to bring in the requisite 2 mil,  you can help by donating to Marylanders for Marriage Equality here.