Masked Assailants Attack Moscow Gay Bar On Coming Out Day

A gay bar in Moscow was the site of a vicious attack on Thursday, when 20 masked nationalists barged in and threatened patrons with guns and broken bottles.

Three women were critically wounded in the attack on 7 Free Days in Central Moscow, while 10 more suffered various injuries.

A crowd of almost 80 people had come to the bar to celebrate Coming Out Day when the attackers stormed in. According to, the gang wore dark clothes and had shaved heads, “a typical look for Russian ultra-nationalists.”

They shouted “Did you want a show?” and started smashing everything around them and beating people, threatening them with guns, witnesses say.

“They were overturning tables and beating customers. Many were injured,” said witness Pavel Somburov, an activist from the Rainbow Association. “Then they suddenly left after an order from one of them.”

 “Twenty scumbags were kicking women in their heads. My lady friend has multiple bruises, another girl has a shard of her glasses in the eye,” LGBT activist Sergey Ilupin wrote on his Twitter account.

The attackers fled by the time authorities arrived.