Maskless, racist Karen goes viral after protest meltdown

Will they ever learn?

A Vermont woman has become the latest viral “Karen” after launching into a racist rant at a pro-police rally over the weekend. When confronted by a group of Black Lives Matter counter-protesters at the Montpelier rally, the woman launched into her unhinged tirade.

“Black lives don’t matter at all to me! White lives matter!” the woman screams at the camera. “You’ve had everything, free f*cking everything. Blacks have been coddled for years. Free college, free everything! Your test scores are higher! Everything! Free college!”

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“Free everything and it’s still not enough and never will be!” the woman continued.

“So you’re saying you’re a white supremacist?” one of the Black Lives Matter protesters asks. “That’s what I’m hearing.”

“Black lives don’t f*cking matter to me,” the woman answers.

The woman–who also didn’t wear a mask to the rally–then storms off without revealing her name.

“Nice to meet you, Karen,” one of the protesters calls after her.

For the record, African-Americans don’t get everything for free. That includes a college education.

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