Mass. Lawmakers To Mull Marriage (Again)

Massachusetts lawmakers will again debate gay marriage in a special Constitutional Convention. Despite the fact that marriage has been legal in Massachusetts for years now, a group of tenacious anti-gay activists have been pressuring lawmakers to reverse the legislation. The debate heated up last January when politicians heeded a petition to reconsider the law, but stalled when they adjourned before a vote. Now, five months later, the politicos may again debate the tiresome issue, but will again avoid a vote. Boston’s WPRI reports:

The House and Senate convenes in constitutional convention on Beacon Hill today, but there’ll be no vote on the gay marriage amendment.

A spokeswoman for Senate President Therese Murray — who presides over the joint session of the Legislature — says Murray plans to recess the convention until sometime after the state budget is completed.

Right on. Getting an entire state’s budget together seems a bit more important than butting into a few thousand people’s personal lives.