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  • AndrewW

    Religion is changing. We should, too.

  • Bill Perdue

    What AndrewW’s really saying is that he wants us to applaud his nasty fetish of cuddling up with the cults. Really Andrew, get a room if you want to engage in that sort of disgusting behavior.

    What we should do, instead of hopping in bed with the cults is the following:

    1) Demand that the unfair practice of making us pay their taxes be ended.

    2) Insist that cult schools be secularized to prevent child abuse, including sexual abuse and rape and to end the cult-based indoctrination of children as bigots.

    3) Demand that priests, bishops, Der Papenfuehrer, imams, pastors, mullahs, rabbis and ministers who
    • aid and abet child rapists or
    • who promote the spread of HIV, CMV, HPV and hepatitis by opposing the use of condoms and safer sex guidelines while advocating quack theories like abstinence or
    • engage in hate speech thereby promoting violence against us
    be arrested and indicted as accessories to manslaughter.

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