Massachusetts Is Actually NOT Teaching Kids To Be Gay

Massachusetts parents David and Tonia Parker filmed an anti-marriage equality ad for Minnesota for Marriage. Why are Massachusites sticking their bigotry into Minnesotan affairs, you ask? Well, as David and Tonia Parker warn, if Minnesotans “make the same mistake and think that gay marriage won’t affect” them, next thing they know their kids will be indoctrinated with homosexuality.

The Parkers unsuccessfully sued the Lexington school district over children’s books that dealt with same-sex marriage. Naturally, Minnesota for Marriage recruited them to scare Minnesotans into voting for an amendment to ban gay marriage with their tale of Massachussets children being force-fed all that gayness. Yet, as The Boston Globe points out, they’re kinda full of it:

But voters should also know that Massachusetts is not, in fact, teaching children to read, write, and have same-sex marriages. In 2006, a teacher in Lexington did read second-graders a book about a prince who marries another prince. But it wasn’t a regular subject; a federal circuit court that later reviewed the case noted there was no formal curriculum related to the issue. Meanwhile, some of the other books at issue in Lexington were included in a bag of books about a variety of diversity issues; students were allowed — but not required — to bring it home precisely in an effort to bring parents into the discussion. And the books had previously been made available for parents’ review. Not surprisingly, the scary ads omit these details.

Now that that’s cleared up, can someone explain all those flying iPads? Is Apple secretly against marriage equality or something?