Massachusetts Man Slays Husband At Home

Michael Losee, a 41-year-old Boston-area man, stands accused of killing his husband Brian Bergeron, 55, in a “tragic incident of domestic violence.” Losee, who had been with Bergeron (a former Barbie clothing designer) for more than 20 years, phoned a friend in Florida and confessed to the crime; the friend then contacted authorities, and Losee turned himself in. It’s unclear who will care for their three Siamese cats, Suki, Soki, and Sushi.

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  • HumpDay

    A lesson to all men convinced that someone 15 years your junior is really into you. He or she is not—they only want your quaint little New England house after they kill you.

  • EdWoody

    @HumpDay: That’s massively offensive to me and my 17-year-age-difference relationship.

  • DJ

    Gay domestic violence is so weird to me. I don’t know why but it is. I feel like as gay people we have something to prove. And by two men who are supposedly “in love” fight each other, it just proves to homophobes that 2 men shouldn’t be together. On that note, these two men disgust me.

  • Pitou

    @HumpDay: Aww… I think someone is just a tad bitter the boys don’t want your old ass!?! Its that or you’re quite poor, so that would be your other excuse? You don’t make enough and boys are just money hungry whores?

    Get over yourself. Countless May/December relationships work, and are far more successful then other May/May or December/December relationships. Its the 2 people, and not the age, money or social status.

    P.S. – Quaint little New England house..??? If the pic gave you any inclination of a “Quaint New England House”, you need to relocate out of your fucking Maytag box under a MassPike overpass. That shithole is far from picturesque New England. GAG

  • Oprah


  • MattGMD

    Sadly there is more LGBT domestic violence than most people realize. Also, when gay domestic violence escalates, it is often very violent. Various theories as to “why” the ultraviolence by gays, but part may well be that we usually deny ourselves the same “venting” as straight folks for talking or sharing our problems openly, IMHO.

  • ron

    So what happened to Suki, Soki, and Sushi now that one owner is in the slammer and the other is the the local morgue. Another happy gay tale.

  • Samuel

    @EdWoody: not as offensive as it’ll be when your junior suitor murders you.

  • zaniell

    He should become cat food for Sushi now.

  • Mark from Queensland

    @Samuel: Okay Samuel and HumpDay, what is with the snarky comments? There’s enough hatred going on toward the gay community without it coming from within. This is exactly what the straight community uses to fan the flames against us.

    I have friends who have a 12 year age difference and they’ve been together now for 20 years and still as in love and wonderful relationship as day one. Judging a couple for the difference in their ages is just as homophobic as those who judge us for our relationships, period.

  • niles

    It’s sad when couples try to save a relationship by bring children into the mix. Now, little Suzi, Sophie and Saskwatch will be become wards of the state.

  • adman

    @Samuel: Aww, did that young trick the Kevorkian lad down at the bar attempt a little euthanasia on you? Don’t feel bad, he was having a “coyote morning” you see. Plus there was the little promise of $$$ you made him wasn’t there? Remember, when you were in the thick of passion? Think back….

    Anyway, my first relationship of 17 years was with a man 21 years my elder. I loved him then and I did until he died 2 years ago. We split because he had to relocate, and I couldn’t make it work, since I had just started a business.

    Now my partner is a four years older, so no gen gap there, but back to the domestic violence thing. My partner is in law enforcement, he’s a military veteran who fought in the special forces. We have both been involved in Martial arts since childhood, and when we argue we go passive aggressive. Same as any two sarcastic partners having a bad day. Actual physical harm? How can you have any pride in yourself if you’re willing to harm and degrade the one you love and depend on most? If people around me won’t work to build us both up as friends/lovers in the mutual sense they can’t stay around me for long. Team play is key, I’ve found, and apologies make me feel shitty in a way that’s hard to shake off.

    I find the prevalence of gay domestic violence strange too. Partner says on the force that all the cops think gay unions ALWAYS involve violence. Naw, we spend too much time and precious peace of mind looking out for each others’ well being from everyone else. We take a lot of pride in doing well for each other that way I guess. But then we don’t tweak, drink, all that other “gay” stuff, so no telling what that can get you up to. Tweakers ruin everything, I think you’ll find if you’re paying attention.

  • no thanks

    @HumpDay: My boyfriend is 16 years older than me and I am in my 20’s. I like older men because they are real men, not fickle teenage boys who listen to Britney Spears and can’t screw worth a damn.

    Tom Selleck will always be the sexiest man in the world even when he is dead.

  • no thanks

    I am in a may/december romance and I’m in my 20’s. I like older men because they aren’t boys; they’re fully grown and developed. I don’t want a teenage boy who listens to Britney Spears and can’t screw worth a damn.

    Tom Selleck forever.

  • TheRealAdam

    @no thanks: You need help.

  • Joe

    I grew up in Maldem, where the murder took place. It was a nice place to grow up, I suppose, but quaint is not the word I would use to describe it. Oddly, Malden was one of the very first towns in MA to enact gay and lesbian protections, several years ahead of Boston and second only to Cambridge.

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