Massholes To Reconsider Gay-Nup Ban

As you’ve heard by now, Tuesday’s election passed gay-marriage bans in seven states. Now, lawmakers in Massachusetts are convening to decide whether or not to ban gay-nups in the homo promised land.

While many of us may have thought the legislative nightmare ended back in 2004, when same-sex marriage got the legal okay, it seems that a conservative group has gone out of their way to collect over 120,000 signatures urging lawmakers to reconsider. Thus, a joint session has been called at which the pols will mull it over.

But, never fear readers, the so-called Constitutional Convention may not be as virile as you’d think. As 365 Gay reports, opponents have three ways to block the Convention from addressing homo-bliss:

The first would be for a motion to adjourn until after the new legislature is sworn in in January. If a majority of members approve it would kill the amendment which has a December expiration date. It would mean supporters of the amendment would have to begin collecting signatures all over again.

The second proposal would be a boycott of the session by enough members to ensure there would not be a quorum. The Convention needs 101 members to proceed.

The third possibility would be to simply tie up the session. The proposed amendment is not the only item on the agenda. A majority of lawmakers could push the issue down on the agenda and then tie up business on the other measures until the clock runs out on Thursday’s meeting.

We tend to think that it’s just the conservative’s last gasp. Although, we’re sure Mitt Romney‘s praying for the homo-hating best. The soon-to-be ex-governor’s an obnoxiously vocal opponent of gay-marriage and, in fact, gays in general. Considering that his gubernatorial candidate, Kelly Healey totally got her ass kicked by Demmie Deval Patrick – 55.6 v. 32.5 – we don’t have high hopes for Romney’s distasteful agenda.

Also, we never underestimate the power of surly, procrastinating politicians.