Mat Staver: Pulse first responders went through “trauma” because of potential AIDS exposure

Spectral lump of excrement Mat Staver claims first responders at the Pulse nightclub massacre experienced severe trauma because they had to “get tested for AIDS-related conditions.”

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“As tragic as it is,” says the founding member of antigay hate group Liberty Counsel, “some of these officers have no doubt gone through trauma as well because they were going through the Pulse nightclub, it was blood everywhere and, you know, they’re having to get tested for AIDS-related conditions because they’re literally walking in pools of blood.”

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This is in fact rather tame and procedural rhetoric for Staver, who in the past has compared homosexuals to Nazis and suggested that gay people have “satanic forces.” Frankly, it’s to be expected from the same man who gleefully defended Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis in her crusade against same-sex marriage.