Loves The Gays

A copywriter reader sent us a little love note this weekend telling us about his work with dating website, He writes:

We did some outdoor boards for the UK that were posted all over their Underground stations. And being the good little homo that i am and wanting to represent my peeps, i asked that we include a gay couple, so we did, no prob.

Nice, right?

So, we followed his link to see what the matchers had in store for the single fagalas. Above you see the gay friendly version. What’s that? “Where are the homos,” you ask? Why, they’re nestled cosily in the upper right hand corner, next to the rainbow. (Duh.)
Sure, it’s kind of funny that they’re next to the rainbow, but we can’t help but wonder why one of the men’s green. Can someone please explain? We know it’s a fantasy world – note the cream puff’s having a romantic date – but they could have made the second homo a normal color, like brown or black or even white. Although, maybe he’s got an upset stomach. We don’t know….

At least the homos are represented. Not like those bastards over at eHarmony – they’re currently being sued for discriminating against queers.

Why do they discriminate against queers? Because they’re Evangelicals: founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren got the company off the ground with the help of James Dobson and Focus on The Family. They may have cut official ties when the company went public, but those damn ideological connections have a way of sticking.