Watch: Mathu Andersen Paints Willam Belli's Mug and Shares Drag Makeup Tips!

Willam belli Mathu Andersen Paint Me Bitch American Apparel Ad Girls Music Video Drag Queen Makeup RuPaul's Drag Race
For the second episode of Willam Belli’s new YouTube series ‘Paint Me Bitch,’ the legendary Mathu Andersen beats Willam’s mug for the recently released ‘American Apparel Ad Girls’ music video collaboration.

Mathu Andersen’s Pro Makeup Tips:

  • Try brushing your blush forward.
  • Place wedge sponge behind lash to hold in place and protect while applying mascara.

Plus, Willam shares some tips for tucking and taking great pictures.

Watch the full episode below to watch Mathu in action. Enjoy!

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