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Matt Bomer Loves Rebecca Black’s Awful Song ‘Friday’

White Collar‘s Matt Bomer was co-hosting Today‘s nauseating fourth hour with Hoda Kotb on Friday where we learned Internet sensation Rebecca Black, with her song “Friday” (seen 26+ million times on YouTube), was his jam! The song isn’t so horrible to Matt’s ears, but is instead “fun for young girls to get down to” because it has a “good beat.”


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  • dennis cameo

    You say “The song isn’t so horrible to Matt’s ears, but is instead “fun for young girls to get down to” because it has a “good beat.””

    I guess that the insinuation is that this song is “horrible”. Someone name a top 40 song, produced by the mega music industry, that doesn’t have the worst lyrics and has been so over produced, and then advertised and promoted with 1000’s of dollars? This song only cost $2000, and is done by a 13 year old.
    You wanna read some real irony, the 7 time Grammy winner, of “I want to soak up the Sun”, and “All I wanna do is have some fun”, just got paid 50,000 dollars for a couple of songs for a mega party by one of the mega banks that was bailed out by the American taxpayer. If you want to appalled read this article about that!

  • Rick

    Considering the trash music out their selling millions of downloads by no talent stars it’s actually refreshing.

  • blushing

    he could sell or convince me anything

  • Thomas C.

    That’s it. He is no longer my imaginary boyfriend. I’m back to James Franco, y’all.

  • kernelt

    I must say society has become more and more senseless. That girl can’t sing and beat was, well lame. Nothing in that song is attractive.

  • Kid Cool

    The future of music is grim.I think he was just being a good co-host.He was good they should hire him to replace KLG.

  • St. Louis

    What exactly was he supposed to do queerty? Make fun of a 13 year old girl on national tv. if you watch the clip, he actually poked fun at a bunch of teenagers who aren’t old enough to drive (or wearing seat belts). Many of the quotes you are attributing to him were made by Hoda. Once again, a bang up job of journalism by you guys. You never cease to amaze me with your lameness.

  • St. Louis

    What exactly was he supposed to do queerty? make fun of a 13 year old girl who wasn’t there to defend herself?
    if you actually watch the clip, he pokes fun at a car full of teenagers not old enough to drive (and not wearing seatbelts). Most of the quotes you attribute to him were made by or in agreement with hoda.
    once again, you have amazed me with your incredible lameness?
    isn’t there a republican out there you can pick on?

  • now queer this

    He turns me into a silly school girl.

  • frankie

    While I’m happy that Matt mentioned that he has 3 children earlier in the program, I’m sad that he only said that he has a support system to help raise them rather than saying that he has a life partner as well….

  • Palto

    Matt Bomer sorta reminds me of a young Aidan Quinn.

  • Jeff R

    I find it odd that Max Simon’s piece can critique the show as “nausiating” and promote some new internet sensation – Is she gay or bi? Bullied? Incredibly talented? – yet it fails to mention that Matt Bomer, someone who Queerty has lavished attention on in the past re: allegedly being gay chose to ignore the fact that he acknowledged raising three kids. Frankie the commentator was the one to point this out to your readers. Why didn’t you? Bomer’s acknowledgement was surprising in that it opens the door to all sorts of questions: Who is he raising the kids with? What type of family is it? Who is his partner/spouse/whatever? Why the silence? Is it because BoyCulture already scooped the story?

    Given the attention lavished on Matt Bomer in the past, I think that Queerty’s readers would be more interested in this information than the fact that he commented on this girl’s song, no? Jeff R

  • Shannon


  • Craig

    Can’t believe the fucking noise that passes for music today. This is the worst shit I’ve ever seen. Fuck all of you.

  • kayla

    Justin, Rebecca Black is coming for your fans and their tween Caching-ching!!! Send Usher over to her house with a cyanide laced pizza STAT!!!

  • old queen

    love his step by step process.will welcome his final step with open arms

  • DJ

    I really don’t think the song is as bad as people make it out to be. But her voice is kinda annoying.

  • Michael

    I thought that the song was bad at first, but after about 20 times of listening to it, I rather enjoy it.
    I hope she makes more terrible songs.

  • Jasun

    I would much rather my 13 year-old daughter sing “Friday” than “1-2-3 Peter Paul and Mary let all have Bukakee in the face of Mommy.”

    When it comes to role models for young girls, I’ll take Rebecca Black over that Fetid floppy-twat skank Britney Spears any day, thanks. Call me when someone rinses the herpes medication off her maternity wedding dress.

  • luke

    i don’t think those are the correct lyrics to britney spears’ song

  • Jon B

    @Palto: You’re crazy. He is SO much better looking than Aidan Quinn.

  • kayla

    @Jon B: Umm…I have to disagree with that, Aidan Quinn was a beautiful young man and that gorgeous, manly voice, oh my….Now of course age has defeated him, but as a young man he was hot!! Matt is gorgeous but he doesn’t (as least for me) have than manly man quality I adore. But of course, to each his own!

  • Yawn

    Matt Bomer is so dull.

  • french guy in us

    @Jon B: agree. maybe on aiden’s very best day and matt’s worst day they might be pop songs go the song isn’t as bad as everyone says either

  • alan brickman

    Matt rocks!! saw him on friday..he was so charming..

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