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Matt Bomer Loves Talking About His Kids On Television, Not His Husband

Because I cannot stomach more than 180 seconds of the fourth hour of the Today show, I totally missed it when guest host Matt Bomer (subbing for Kathie Lee) talked about his three adorable sons. I was too distracted by his jamming to Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” But here he is, a few minutes after Hoda Kotb introduces him with a note about how all of Today‘s fan girls wanted to “get their crush on” with Bomer, giving his boys a shout out. No mention of partner Simon Halls of course!

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  • Adam

    So, let’s see–according to “friend” Sean Akers, Bomer is an “out actor”? Based on this, I beg to differ. Sorry, but masquerading as a single parent (and that’s what you’re doing when you don’t mention the other person doing the other half of the parenting job) isn’t terribly ‘out’. Now, it’s possible his co-star came out of left field with the comment about his kids and he wasn’t prepared to talk about it on-air–but, please, how clueless could she be? It’s either “Sure, we can talk about my family” or “Please, let’s keep focus on the show and leave my private life out of it”.

  • closet

    Matt Bomer loves publicity and money.

    Nothing new.

  • James

    Why is it that unless a person go on a magazine with the words’Yep I’m gay” most people say he’s in the closet?

  • John

    He has a crazy stare…

  • Cam

    This reminds me of back when Rosie O’donnell was playing that “Together Single Mother who does it all” act.

    She neglected to mention that she basically had a wife at home caring for all her kids.

  • simple

    @James: Because pretending and lying about your partner and your partner’s kids = being in the closet.

  • gregger

    @James: He didn’t have to say anything blatant, but that was tacky. He has a partner, just say “my love,” “other half,” or something equally innocuous. You don’t have to scream “I’m a big queen” unless you want to do so. Bomer was noticeably uncomfortable and got onto something else quickly.

    That’s closet.

  • adb

    @Simple: Simply put.

  • Jay

    He’s seen all over town and on tv, golden globes with partner. Give him a break.

  • slow news day

    Old news. Let him live his life and earn his living as he sees fit. Shallow queens would not think twice about this if he wasn’t so damn hot, face it.

  • ewe


  • ewe

    ick as in icky. these shows are about nothing except blah blah blah dah dah dah wah wah wah.

  • Jack

    I see this as a step by step process.show is very succesful now.first the kids announced then the hubby later.he never beards,lies or denies and seems like a nice man.

  • justiceontherocks

    @simple: He does seem to want to have his cake and eat it too. Very slippery slope he’s on.

  • GetBalance

    Man he is pretty.

  • Huh?

    I just get lost in those baby blues

  • Cam

    @Jay: said…

    He’s seen all over town and on tv, golden globes with partner. Give him a break.”

    So is every closet case in hollywood.

  • Soupy

    I would like to make my baby in him. If he wants more children.

  • Joetx

    I’m tired of him.

    Let’s not give him any attention until he comes out.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)

    He isn’t pretending to be single dumb asses. He said he has a support unit.

    Afterletoners are much more smart about this then these screamy mentalists on Queerty.

    This is a strategic move dudes. His man has orchestrated this. First the ring. The kids. And the man.

    They’ve already been spotted partnering events in New York.

  • Connor

    I confess, he’s my make believe boyfriend. My husband’s too.

  • Jeffree

    I wish Matt Bomer would come out, but let’s remember that it’s a process, not an either/or binary. Bomer doesn’t beard, he doesn’t pretend to have crushes on women (à la Rosie with Tom Cruise) and he is open about raising kids.

    That’s a good start. Incomplete, yes, but it doesn’t mean he won’t come out more fully over time. Who knows what advice he is getting from his agent(s) or, even, what’s in his contract. At this point he hs a hit TV show but if that goes away he might not automatically get another.

    The people in Hollywood who have come out have been mostly established in their career or secondary players, not leading men.

    And, he’s human too. G~d only knows what he’s told his family: (parents/siblings, etc.), and what conversations they have or haven’t had. Remember, that’s usually a sticking point for many of us on the road to being more fully out.

  • reality 101

    His is by choice a liar by omission …. and not a good example for the kids to have one dad hiding the reality of the other while on tv.

    He is self serving and self serving scum will defend this as “his choice”.

  • CPT_Doom

    I don’t care if Bomer comes out publicly or not, but if he’s got a husband and kids, the press should be covering them in the same way they covered Beyonce and Jay-Z (Have they admitted being married yet?)

  • Predictable

    Love a good Anderson Cooper, Bomer or Quinto post. Brings out the tired, old queerty raggers on this tired topic. It’s his business, not ours. Like others have said, at least he does not deny nor beard. Get yourself a hit show and then you can decide for yourself what course you want to take. He has more to lose than the offically ‘out’ actors, none of them look or act as well as he does, he has more leading man promise and more to lose.

  • Drake

    Badly answered. 3 kids shout “look at me” .When we look, he forgets hubby.

  • NMV

    He has a “great support team” at home? That’s a really nice way of putting it.

  • PS

    I don’t really think it’s fair to criticize a person simply for not coming out. Each person’s situation is different, and for many, it’s quite difficult. We’re not all blessed with liberal parents and not everyone lives in gay-friendly neighborhoods. (Should we criticize closeted gays in Uganda for hiding their true sexuality?) Sure, Matt’s life would not be in danger if he came out, but he could risk losing his career by doing so. It seems, however, that he is beginning to test the waters. He’s probably trying to come out on a step-by-step basis. As long as he is not one of those closeted gays actively trying to make life worse for the rest of us, then he’s fine in my book.

  • The sane Francis

    I don’t think Matt NEEDS to come out. I think he should, I think being glass closeted is not much different than being fully closeted, and I think the closet is destructive. But, it’s his prerogative, and not everyone has the lifestyle or comfort level when it comes to their sexuality, some people need more time, some people are in situations where coming out creates risk.

    With all of this said, if you ARE going to bring up your kids and life at home, it’s tacky and disrespectful to intentionally ignore your other half. Personally, I would be offended if I were Matt’s BF. Because it’s not as if Simon isn’t taking care of the kids as well, isn’t a part of Matt’s life, isn’t there as a/the main support system for Matt. I don’t see how you could just ignore his existence in such a way. Although I totally understand and somewhat sympathize with people who do choose to be closeted, I could never put my career or my reputation of those who don’t know me above my boyfriend or my family. It shows sort of a lack of self-respect and respect for those who love you.

  • Yep

    Matt’s career rise is perfect and well orchestrated.No worries,Simon is on board.

  • alan brickman

    Maybe he didn’t want to get death threats from the crazies..think about that….

  • Scott

    @Predictable: Ditto and Amen.

  • Rocky

    @The sane Francis:
    Who’s to say that his partner is “out”? Maybe, his partner doesn’t want him to talk about their personal relationship in public. Or, did you think that they may have discussed this together on how to approach the subject in the media and this is the decision they made together. I think we should just stay out of other people’s business.

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    There are a lot of delusional people who post here. He’s not out because being out would hurt his career. End of story. The rest of you sad queens trying to rationalize his actions because you either want him to do you or you want to do him are pathetic.

  • The sane Francis

    Those are good points, Rocky. And I agree with your last line, their business and way of life is theirs. I do think it’s sad, though, that any of this has to be discussed in this context, or that gay couples would ever feel as if not just holding hands or doing what heterosexual couples take for granted every day is something that they shouldn’t do themselves. Heterosexual couples’ relationships aren’t considered “private matters” in the way our relationships are. I think the whole situation is bullshit, but the way you put it, it makes sense Rocky. All in all, he’s not going out stabbing us in the back while sucking dick on the side so I definitely don’t see the use in some witch hunt in trying to out him, or any actor who chooses not to publicly disclose their sexuality.

  • Rocky


    You really don’t know if that is true or not; and you don’t know what type of career he would like to have. For all you know he may still not be out to his family or like I said earlier-who is to say that his partner is publicly out to his family. You don’t know-you only assume that because he is an actor on a popular show. Many people are in the closet because for a myriad of reasons not having anything to do with their career. And as to me wanting to do him-no thank you. I only like and I’ve only ever dated black and/or Hispanic guys. So you are wrong for assuming that as well.

  • boystown beau

    @34:A truly sad queen is one who expects others to live by their rules.

  • Rocky

    meant…in the closet for a myriad of reasons (sorry).

  • Jeff R

    Why are you writing about this now? It was news on March 18th, at least two of your commentators mentioned it in response to Queerty’s piece about Bomer’s co-host gig – your piece didn’t – “Boy Culture” scooped you on it and “Afterelton” wrote about it. Now it’s news?!? Perhaps Queerty’s writers/editors should have read the comments and then Queerty could have written a timely, intelligent piece on the same. This piece offers nothing new – all of your fellow bloggers have done a much better job on this story. You should try harder. Best, Jeff R

  • TwlightoftheDogs


    Grow up. Of course, he’s gay. I honestly do not care. I like his show. But, he’s not unique in Hollywood for what he’s doing. The issue I have here is all you sad people denying what is patently obvious. Again, grow up.


    You don’t even know what my rules are. What do I feel about him or trying to protect his career? You don’t know. Your problem is that I honest assess what he’s doing, and you and the rest of the sad queens can’t handle that. This again is why you and other queens are pathetic. You are making things up as you go.

  • bangbang

    LOL, don’t feel too sorry for his partner, being all unmentioned and neglected in his story about the kids. His partner is his network’s handler, and wields a lot of power in the media. Whatever he does and doesn’t talk about is undoubtedly vetted by his partner. You’re naive if you think Matt Bomer is an individual making decisions. Like any celebrity, he’s a team of strategists. If/when he comes out eventually, his partner will have a hand in orchestrating that too.

  • Oprah

    Are you serious? I love queerty. It gives me all the gay gossip i need. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    I saw this actor lately, with his very heterosexual male co-star– the male co star was looking at Bomer–with such masculine condescending that i suspected they were secretly having a homosexual affair. Well, they still could be having a secret homo affair, but thats beside the point. I read this vibe or spark between Bomer and the uber manly actor, and just shruged it away. Hhhhmmm little did i know- the dude was hinting about the dudes gayness. LOL

  • Jeffree

    OMG wassup…theys this gurl she called oprah here & she make no sentz cuz she alwayz high LOL HA HA she no nuthin bout nuthin but she feel obligaded puttin in her 2cents into evry convermasation.

    rilly she jest riting down randum worts so she seem mo’ boudgie. as if like she even watch teevee since durn “rennacenner” come take back all the furnachures way she stay. hA hA hA lol.

  • spin

    @Jeffree: lol, nail meet head

  • BBW

    @Yep: “Matt’s career rise is perfect and well orchestrated.No worries,Simon is on board.”

    Exactly this. Simon wasn’t ‘offended’ by not being mentioned, because he is in on the gradual process which Matt is undergoing to be fully out. I know for a fact that this is their joint intention, so everyone who is getting at Matt for not yet being out, cool your jets, and stop getting your panties in a bunch. It is happening.

    When Matt mentioned his kids by name, he effectively outed himself (the births of Simon Halls’ kids of the same names were announced in Variety). This is an orchestrated process (wedding ring in public, events together, speaker at gay charity events, children mentioned on TV etc.) whereby they are making sure everyone knows and nothing is hidden, but without having to make an announcement on the front of ‘People’ magazine.

    And for the people wondering about his partner, his partner is Simon Halls, who is very ‘out’ in Hollywood. Their relationship is not a secret to anyone in the industry or either of their families.

  • Jock

    I hope he doesn’t go the tacky ‘People’ or any magazine route.

  • Jeffree

    @Jock: Agreed…but how do you think he should come out when he’s ready? I’m tentatively thinking that going on Ellen might be better. Your thoughts?

    @BBW: Interesting insight! Sounds legit that Matt & co. have a plan in the works. If so, he ‘s gonna break some new ground….& some ladies’ hearts !

  • Jock

    I think a ‘matter of fact’ discussion on Ellen would be ideal.I think anyone interested in him with google already knows his deal and any ladies with a brain should be able to deal since it is called acting right?Those without a brain who have issues,too bad,no loss.After that I would still keep my life private as many straight stars do.

  • JusticeontheRocks

    @Jeffree: it’s almost irrelevant at this point whether he comes out or not. Anyone who is curious can go online and get the picture in thirty seconds or less.

    I’m not sure how much impact an actor coming out has any more. The novelty is gone, and a lot of middle America has always assumed there was something different about the movie and TV people.

    I’ll go on about people’s excessive fascination with celebrities another time. Suffice it to say I think it has far more impact when a friend or neighbor comes out than a celebrity.

  • GetBalance

    Cool thing about Matt, I think he’s too hot and electrifying to have coming out effect his career negatively. Peeps are still gonna want to watch him regardless. But strategy is always a goot thing. I think he’s being patient and following God’s plan, as God has a plan for him; to be one of the hottest out guys in the bizz.

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    @JusticeontheRocks: It has a huge impact. WHether someone comes out is personal, but the value of it is very important.

  • LMBA

    Excellent analysis BBW! Anyone who thinks Simon Halls isn’t in on the whole strategy for Bomer’s PR is kidding themselves. This guy is considered to be the top PR rep in Hollywood. Every event Bomer attends – and there are a LOT of them – is carefully orchestrated to get the guy noticed, and he wears his ring at all of them.

    Even actors are entitled to some privacy. Personally, I wish more of them would avail themselves of that!

  • Marcus


    Actors get plenty of privacy, LMBA, if they want it.

    I thought Matt wanted lots of privacy, especially regarding his kids, yet there he is…on NBC, talking about his kids.

    If he were straight, this wouldn’t be a discussion because you would have known about the kids, his mother, his wife and a dozen other things before White Collar even went into production, yet alone aired on USA.

    I do agree, however that this is a slow, and essentially unnecessary coming out process.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Why is it UN necessary? Because he SHOULDN’T come out?

    Or because he should do it on People magazine and pretend like being gay is soo weird and then say he’s not into activism ala NPH?

    Ironically, Matt bomer and Simon halls are much more into gay activism then the beloved NPH and Burtka but hey ho, he was pushed out and then came out on people, we LOVE him!

    Like everyone has said, his husband isn’t a stay at home schmuck-he is the CEO of a huge Hollywood pr business.

  • Marcus

    It’s unnecessary process because Bomer wasn’t really in to begin with.

    Yes, he really shouldn’t have to come out, because he wasn’t exactly IN, per se. Hence why he won’t be doing a People Magazine cover. I hate those, anyway. Those are unnecessary as well.

    He went from not talking about his personal life at all and priding on his privacy, to months later wearing the wedding ring, then on to NBC to talk about his kids and his “support system.”

    He’s a super nice guy, but it’s ham-handed and UNNECESSARY.

    However, if he and his husband feels that’s what they need to do: ease people into it, then so be it. Most who know him already know, and if they don’t know, Google told them or someone else did.

  • Jock

    @54 – so true on ironic part.

  • Mike

    Personally, I’m waiting for Luke on General Hospital to finally come out. He’s only like 133.

  • Rocky

    No you need to grow up. No one ever said he wasn’t gay. What I am saying is that we don’t know why he won’t publicly come out and it may not be something he may have a problem with-but something else that may be preventing him from coming out. And, you might be right it just may be a case of him being afraid of being labeled a “gay” actor. Stop being so freaking small minded and judgmental; and assuming that people like myself are defending him (which I’m not) only because we “want him to do you or you want to do him” as you said. Lame ass idiot. The only thing delusional on this site is people assuming you have a brain and not realizing you’re a fool!

  • Pete ORD

    No one should be telling anyone else what to do in life, it’s that simple. Matt or any entertainer owes us nothing. Live your own life if you’ve got one.

  • ivy

    he already said he was gay. nothing bad about it, it doesn’t take away how good of a actor he is. so get off the subject and leave people alone already

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    @Rocky: Well repeating back my point it me that I made about you certainly indicates your maturity level. Thanks. I stopped reading after that first line. Nothing good ever comes of “No, YOU ARE!” Next you will arguing “I am rubber you are glue”

  • David

    @Jack: @Jack: That’s sort of how I see it.

  • David

    @David: One step at a time.

  • sunnyDays

    That’s awesome that he said hi to his sons.

    I’ve read about the 3 children when I first googled him and seen pictures of his 3 sons with him months before. It’s out there on the Internet so no surprise there for me. Recently, people noticed that he wore a ring, but I’ve seen him wore it way before the Golden Globes.

    I have no problem with him not focusing on the topic of “Is he or isn’t he”. I just want to see more him…on the big screen, on interviews, on White Collar. He’s doing just fine.

  • Jenny weber

    Why is everyone so obsessed about people being gay? I’m not gay and I never get asked if I’m straight. Matt seems to be a charming,well mannered man who plays his role to perfection. The rest of his personal life should be his own. This fellow Texan with twins wish him all the best

  • TommyOC

    I would hate for any wife to refer to her husband as “my support team.”

    I would hate for any husband to refer to his wife as “my support team.”

    It’s uncomfortable for me to hear Matt Bomer speak of his “equal” partner in the same terms as a person would speak of their employees. He could have picked more endearing language without outing himself. Using “family” instead of “support team” would have been just as neutral but would have conveyed, oh, I don’t know, affection.

    I agree with others that Bomer didn’t look comfortable discussing the subject, which makes me think he was thrown a curveball. I think the NBC host is oblivious to Bomer’s sexuality and family structure – but I’m sure producers were giving hints to move along…

  • Diane Caruso

    What’s the big deal..Gay?.. he’s a beautiful actor with a hit show and therefore a lot of responsibility and an agent directing comments…and maybe his husband doesn’t want to be discussed on TV…or has personal privacy become a thing of the past?

  • McGullen

    I don’t like that Bomer says his “team” helps with the kids, as if they take the place of his husband… if he didn’t put it that way, I think the video would have been fine.

  • nit

    guys!! guys!! guys!! in the midst of all this rubbish about bomer being gay or no, wether he is being open about his personal life or not we are forgetting the most important thing “MATTHEW BOMER IS A KILLER ACTOR”……………. i admire his work!! and the fact that he has three beautiful kids is an added bonus to his charm!! now we know that not only is he a drop dead gorgeous actor but a father who actually mentioned his kids!!………. if you ask me thats too much to expect from him knowing that he is secretive about his personal life!!!!

  • Lynn

    Too muck gayness for me. Spoke to lots of people. We are no longer watching.

  • Jason Brown (@VertMB)

    He was asked about his kids so he mentioned them, I’m sure if he was asked about his husband he’d mention him.

  • Dexter2

    I know I’m a year late to this, but I came across this article and wanted to comment.. I’m a heterosexual female and have been a huge fan of White Collar since episode 1. I had heard rumors that Matt was gay from the beginning, but that didn’t make me like the show, his character, or him, any less. Now that he has basically outed himself on several occasions since that time, I still love the show, his character, and him! It’s not like any one of us fans (female or male) would ever have a chance with him anyway lol. I love Matt and have seen other films he has acted in, based on his role in White Collar, and have grown into a bigger fan. Matt is such a class act, and I agree that he and his partner must both be on board with how he addresses their relationship in the press. Besides, an actor like Christian Bale never comments on his personal life. I’ve seen interviews where he shoots down any attempt at talking about his wife, child, or other family members. At any rate, Matt is a gorgeous person/actor in my eyes, no matter what!

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