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Matt Bomer’s Heterosexual White Collar Con Man Purposefully Strikes Out With the Ladies

Last night, USA Network’s “most wanted” (get it?) series White Collar returned for its second season! Matt Bomer, the out-ish actor and partnered gay father of two, plays con man Neal Caffrey. He sometimes enjoys flirtations with members of the opposite sex!

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In almost every episode, Bomer’s character catches a wink, nod, or a naked pool playdate with a lady. It’s all part of Caffrey’s signature gimmick, which USA’s shows are known for: He’s such a suave fella, the show tells viewers to remember, that he can talk his way (or twinkle his eyes) into a bank vault or private art collection just by winning over a helpless gal with his charm. (That he works with, and not against the FBI means he’s using his powers for good.) Last night’s season premiere was no different: Caffrey bewitched this red head with far off travel dreams while his associate (aka “The Gay From Sex and the City) stole her BlackBerry to copy its SIM card, only to purposefully turn her off so he wouldn’t have to go home with her.

And generally that’s what Caffrey does: He’s not eye-nailing these girls to take them to bed, but to play them as pawns. Which is how real life gay guys always treat women!