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Matt Dallas and husband Blue Hamilton make a big announcement

Husbands Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton
Husbands Matt Dallas and Blue Hamilton (Photo: YouTube)

Actor Matt Dallas and his husband, Blue Hamilton, have made a big announcement. In addition to their son, Crow, they’ve adopted a daughter. Her name is Rosa, and the story of how they came to adopt her is pretty amazing.

Dallas, who heralds from Phoenix, Arizona is best known for his role in the ABC Family series, Kyle XY. He married musician Blue Hamilton in 2015. In December of that year, they announced they had adopted a two-year-old boy, Crow.

On Instagram this week, and in an accompanying video, they shared the news of the new addition to their family.

The men say they chaperoned a field trip for their son’s class to a forest last year. One of the other kids present was Rosa, and they immediately noticed the good relationship she had with their son.

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They said they already had plans to think about adopting another kid. They wanted a younger child but didn’t want there to be too big an age gap between their son and any younger sibling.

Soon after that field trip, they received a voicemail from their social worker to let them know she had a little girl needing adoption, but she was eight years old, which the social worker knew was a little older than the couple were planning. On the plus side, she already went to the same school as their son.

Matt says he initially wasn’t interested as he’d had his heart set on a younger child. However, Blue talked him around, saying, “Matt, come on. If it was a little girl like Rosa, who we just spent the entire day with, on the field trip, we would be over the moon to have her as part of our family.”

Matt agreed and called back social services to find out more.

Unbelievably, the little girl they were being offered was actually Rosa. How spooky is that?!

The men were amazed and took it as a sign from the universe. They began by having Rosa over for playdates with their son, and she seemed to immediately fit into their family well. Not only did they bond well, but they say people even ask them if they’re twins as they look alike.

They’ve now adopted her and shared photos on Instagram.

“The Dallas-Hamilton fam has a new queen,” said Matt on his IG. “This ray of light came into our lives in December and we knew immediately that she was going to be around forever. We love you beautiful Rosa Rae.”


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We often hear about gay male couples having kids via surrogacy, which is great, but there are also approximately 400,000 kids in foster care in the US, with around 117,000 awaiting adoption. Many couples opt to adopt newborns or infants, making it sometimes harder for older kids to find families.

Congratulations to the Dallas-Hamilton clan and here’s wishing them all the very best going forward.

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