Matt Foreman: Some Ideas To Make The HRC Suck Less

Imagine if HRC’s political donations were actually in sync with those of Gill Action’s Political OutGiving program and the Victory Fund’s work to elect LGBT people to office.

Imagine if organizations with deep understanding of specific issues – the needs of gay families, bullying or anti-LGBT violence, work in communities of color or faith, marriage equality, etc. – could partner with, rather than compete with or work around HRC on their specific priorities.

Imagine if the grassroots, grasstops and financial clout of the LGBT community was brought to bear in a focused way on our top priorities.

Imagine if HRC partnered with Equality Federation organizations and local groups to build their collective power, lists, fundraising bases and expertise.

Imagine if information and leverage points were shared honestly so that our community could start playing legislators and policymakers the way they play us now.

– Amid complaints that the Human Rights Campaign undermines movement unity through unnecessary secrecy, uninformed policy stances and taking “credit for things in which they’d never even been involved”, longtime LGBT activist Matt Foreman envisions a more effective HRC with Bilerico.com.