Calls For Censure, Cold Shoulder

Matt Foreman Takes On Anti-Gay Naugle

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force executive director Matt Foreman headed down Florida way for yesterday’s rally against “apologetic” anti-gay Mayor Jim Naugle.

In his impassioned, powerful speech, Foreman said,

Sadly, these comments do more than embarrass all of you who live here, they are a stain on each one of you, a strain on every person in Boward country and they do more than that – they incite violence and discrimination…

Damn straight, Foreman!

The fired-up activists goes on to calls for every elected official, religious and civil leader to denounce mayor Naugle and suggests an official censure. As we’ve seen, however, Naugle’s got a few supporters.

In his closing remarks, Foreman urges the good people of Florida – and beyond – to ostracize Naugle:

This mayor must be treated as the bigot he is and that means he is shunned everywhere he is and he is not allowed at any gathering where decent people are!

Well said, but we have a feeling Naugle already keeps indecent company.

(Many thanks to Joe.My.God for the video!)