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Matt Gaetz allegedly pays for sex and has no friends as colleagues drop him left and right

In addition to having to pay for sex (allegedly), Matt Gaetz doesn’t have any friends. Or at least none who are willing to come to his defense during his time of need.

As you’ve likely heard by now, the antigay congressman from Florida is currently ensnared in a teen sex/prostitution/illegal drugs scandal that seems to be getting worse with each passing day. Now, to make matters worse, none of his Republican colleagues are stepping up to his defense.

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Politico reports:

In the days since news broke that the Department of Justice was looking into whether Gaetz had violated sex trafficking laws — an allegation he denies — no Trump aide or family member has tweeted about the Florida congressman. Nor have almost any of the most prominent Trump surrogates or Trump-allied conservatives and media personalities, including Sean Hannity, Dan Bongino, Charlie Kirk or American Conservative Union Chair Matt Schlapp, at whose annual CPAC conference Gaetz had recently appeared.

According to the Daily Beast, Trump himself has been closely watching things play out, but aides are telling him to stay quiet.

Several sources say the ex-president hasn’t spoken to the embattled congressman since the story broke, despite Gaetz’s diehard loyalty to Trump over the years, which included an offer to resign from Congress to join his impeachment defense team.

Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy has also distanced himself from Gaetz, calling the allegations “serious” and said that if they turn out to be true, he will be stripped of his committee assignments.

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Even Gaetz’s old buddy Tucker Carlson appears to have abandoned him after he made an unhinged appearance on his show last week. Afterwards, Carlson called it the “weirdest interview I’ve ever done” and Gaetz has not appeared on the network since.

In fact, the only person who still appears to be in his corner is probably the one person Gaetz doesn’t want or need sticking up for him: Qanon congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Yesterday, Greene tweeted, “Show me 1 woman who has spoken out against @mattgaetz! @andrewcuomo has been accused by 9 women of sexual misconduct. Gaetz – 0. This is nothing but a deep state attack and media smear fest to take him down.@gop needs to stand up.”

Throughout all this, Gaetz has maintained his innocence and says he has no plans to resign.

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