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Matt Gaetz is fighting with sit-com stars on Twitter about Charlie Sheen because that’s what he does

We’re still in the middle of a deadly pandemic, the economy is still in the toilet, Florida just surpassed 650,000 coronavirus cases (and is creeping towards 12,000 COVID-related deaths), and Rep. Matt Gaetz is picking fights with sit-com stars on Twitter.

That’s right, folks. The antigay Florida congressman has nothing better to do right now than wage Twitter wars with TV performers. Specifically, actor Jon Cryer of “Two and a Half Men.”

It all started last weekend when Cryer criticized the Gaetz’s ties to white supremacist groups then endorsed his Democratic opponent, Phil Ehr.

“Rep. @mattgaetz invited a white supremacist to the State of the Union, attempted to intimidate a federal witness, and endorsed a sociopathic bigot who applauded the deaths of migrants for congress,” Cryer tweeted. “I just donated to his opponent @PhilEhr.”

Well, Gaetz didn’t like this very much. He responded to Cryer’s tweet not by, say, denying his connections to white supremacist groups or intimidating witnesses, but instead by saying, “Charlie Sheen totally carried two and a half men.”

To which Cryer quickly rebutted: “Is that why, after he left, it lasted for 4 more years and I won an Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy?”

Cryer, who won two Primetime Emmy Awards for his role on the show, later clarified that his tweet was not meant as a dig at Sheen, who he says was “undeniably the star of the show” and a “fantastic actor.”

“But you can’t say he ‘carried’ a show that lasted four years without him,” he noted.

Seriously, folks. This is where we are in America in the year 2020.

Gaetz, who is currently up for reelection and forecasted to win, is scheduled to speak at the American Priority Conference, or AmpFes, next month. The conservative conference will be held at one of the Trump’ struggling golf clubs in Miami.

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