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Matt Gaetz looks like he hasn’t slept in days as he flees reporters asking about underage sex crimes

Matt Gaetz is looking awfully tired these days. We’re sure he’s just been super busy fighting on behalf of his constituents and that it has nothing to do with that whole federal investigation thing he’s currently wrapped up in.

Reporters caught up the antigay lawmaker in Washington D.C. on Friday, where they asked about the underage sex trafficking probe he’s been trying so hard to make everyone forget.

Last week, Gaetz’s ex-girlfriend agreed to cooperate with the feds and is reported to be negotiating the terms of an immunity agreement. The woman’s identity has not been publicly revealed, though she is said to be a former Capitol Hill intern.

When reporters asked for her on Friday, Gaetz immediately went on defense.

“I would love to be able to share all the people I talk to and don’t talk to,” he said, “but unfortunately the people in your profession have doxxed, harassed, threatened people that have been in my life.”

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Ironically, Gaetz himself was rumored to be considering resigning from Congress for a job in media earlier this year before his alleged taste for underage flesh derailed everything.

He added, “So, I don’t get into who I talk to and who I don’t talk to because I don’t want to put people in jeopardy.”

When a reporter asked if he was concerned about being indicted, Gaetz froze. Then his fight-or-flight instincts seemed to kick in because he simply said, “No” before quickly turning around and hurrying off down the hall.

Gaetz has denied any wrongdoing and has yet to be charged with any crimes, though the the feds are reportedly closing in on him after his former wingman Joel Greenberg also flipped and agreed to testify against him.

Now, the responses…

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