Matt Gaetz’s latest tweet backfires spectacularly

As the Federal Government continues to face harsh realities at home and abroad, Representative Matt Gaetz stepped up to do what he does best: troll.

And while it’s one thing to objectively criticize policy or action, that’s just not the Florida Republican’s style. Instead, Gaetz opted for tweeting an edited clip that gives the false impression President Biden “fell asleep” during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Gaetz even took it one step further, joking that the president might be dead.

“Send Kamala in to see if he can fog a mirror,” Gaetz tweeted along with the video, which is only 22 seconds long because it was selectively clipped from an 11-minute C-SPAN broadcast of the full meeting.

For anyone wishing to see how Biden actually conducted the meeting, which took place on Friday at the White House, the full video is on YouTube. It shows the president actively listening.

About 10 minutes in, Biden looks down for several seconds, hands folded. Then he looks back up and responds to Bennet. If anything, the clip Gaetz shared shows an intently focused president in action.

Gaetz’s transparent intentions were not lost on Twitter, with comments like these quickly adhering to his post:

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