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Matt Gaetz’s new wife swears she’s not upset about that rapey photo he posted of her

Before getting married over the weekend, Rep. Matt Gaetz did a super creepy thing and tweeted a photo of himself on an airplane staring glossy-eyed into the camera with his soon-to-be-bride, Ginger Luckey, passed out beside him, her head back and her mouth hanging open as though she’d just been roofied.

Pretty much everyone agreed that the photo was disturbing, especially considering that the antigay lawmaker is currently under investigation for allegedly sleeping with a high schooler. Oh, and because he’s been accused of pressuring numerous women into doing drugs before sleeping with him. And also because he has a reputation for sharing women’s private nude photos to colleagues on the House floor.

Of course, the real victim here is Luckey, since the picture was seemingly taken and shared without her consent. To prove that she’s a cool chick who’s not bothered by any of it, she retweeted the photo along with the caption, “No shame in a little beauty sleep.”

We suppose it’s good that she’s not upset, since a lot of people would be; however, her making light of the situation didn’t land well with commenters, many of whom felt the need to tell her that she deserves better than a guy who posts humiliating photos of her to the internet the day before their wedding.

Here’s how they responded…

Gaetz and Luckey were married last Saturday on Catalina Island in California. Vanity Fair described the wedding as a “quiet ceremony” with about 30 guests. Among them was Gaetz’s alleged son, Nestor.

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