Matt Moore, The “Ex-Gay” Activist With A Grindr Profile, Is Back


Well, this is rather embarrassing.

The Christian Institute, an antigay hate group based in the U.K., just published a blog post by 25-year-old “ex-gay” activist Matt Moore titled “Why my love for Jesus means I refuse to identify as ‘gay.'”

In the piece, 25-year-old Moore, who claims to have renounced his homosexuality in 2010, writes: “Homosexual desires exist within people because people possess sinful natures.”

He also that said if he labelled himself as gay, he would be “uniting” himself with “worldly, godless identity,” whatever the hell that means.

“It is entirely possible to be transparent and communicative about one’s continual struggle with same sex attraction without identifying as gay,” Moore says. “I know, because I’ve been doing it every day for the past four years.”

But there’s a problem. Moore hasn’t been doing it every day for the past four years. In February 2013, he was outed for having a Grindr profile.

At the time, Moore confessed: “Basically I just wanted to see who was on it and who was around me. I can honestly say that I didn’t have any kind of sexual conversations with anyone. Anyone who sent me any kind of explicit photos or conversations, I blocked immediately.”

He continued, “The first time I got on it, I wanted to go out and I wanted to go to the gay bars in New Orleans. So I was trying to meet someone on there to basically tag along with. That was the reason I was originally on it.”

He apologized for having the profile, calling it “wrong” and a “major disobedience to Christ.”

“Thankfully,” he said, “I believe that He forgives me for this disobedience. I believe the blood of Christ covers this disobedience. And I won’t be on Grindr again… ever.

Evidently, this promise to stay off Grindr forever was enough for the Christian Institute to endorse Moore’s latest rant. And as far as we can tell, the young man has made good on that promise. He no longer maintains a profile on that particular dating app. Of course, there are plenty others he can choose from.

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