Trouble in paradise

Matt Wilkas has chem sex in new music video

The trappings of modern gay existence can be challenging to navigate, and here to offer a crash course in questionable decisions that affect one’s physical and psychological health is a new music video from Natti Vogel starring Matt Wilkas.

It’s not any one factor in the video for “Brown Rice” that is singled out as the character’s fatal flaw — though the chem sex is tough to see as anything but a huge problem — but more the overall combination of elements, coupled with the empty gaze Wilkas projects during everyday life scenes like walking down the street listening to music or socializing in a bar, that indicates serious trouble underneath his well-maintained facade.

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The song itself matches the conflict in the storyline, creating a haunting portrait of someone unable to fill his own emotional void, and slowly consuming himself while trying. Fun!

Watch below: