Matthew Guzman Had ‘No Choice’ But To Hunt Down And Murder 2 Gay Men

Matthew Guzman, 21, was arrested in Miami and confessed to killing Paul Barrow, a mechanic, and Henry Ray. Because he thought they were gay. Originally brought in only on the armed burglary charge, Guzman now faces two first-degree murder counts: “According to arrest affidavits, Guzman confessed to hunting down his victims, shooting and killing them, because he thought they were gay and were coming onto him. The police report said, ‘His motive for committing the murder was due to his belief that the victim had homosexual tendencies. (The suspect) further stated that the victim had recently looked at him in an inappropriate manner of which (the suspect) felt was loaded with homosexual connotations, thus causing him to kill the victim. The subject confessed…eventually claiming that the victim made homosexual advances towards him, leaving him no choice but to shoot the victim.'” At least one of his victims was married, to a woman.