Matthew Mitcham Promises Nude Dive If He Nabs Olympic Gold

Forget Tom Daley’s spread-eagle pose: Australian diver Matthew Mitcham has promised to dive naked if he wins the men’s 10-meter platform today.

Mitchamtweet_mediumResponding to a request from “HeyGibbles,” who just wanted the 24-year-old Aussie to skinny dip if he grabbed the gold, Mitcham committed to diving off the 10-meter board in his birthday suit. (The preliminaries begin at 2pm ET today.)

SBNation reports Mitcham has been fighting an abdominal injury but we’re praying for a swift victory.  And Matthew, darling? No cannonballs, please.


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  • I won't grow up

    I’m sure we’d all like to see that. But I think Ms Mitcham’s fame is going to her head.


    He’s a cutie ;)

  • kawneekwa

    I be walkin all up in my apartment naked if he win gold. Go boy!

  • B

    Hey, I’ll jump into a pool naked if I win an Olympics gold metal too! (It’s a safe bet on my part.)

    Note that Matthew Mitcham didn’t say which pool he’d use, at what time, and who would be there. He could do it at 5 in the morning in an obscure location with nobody around, assuming he wins.

  • Jack

    Only the prelims are schedule for today. The finals aren’t scheduled until Saturday night. Get your facts right, Queerty.

  • jj

    matt mitchams boyfriend is a lucky guy. Cant imagine what having sex with someone so flexible would be like lol

  • EvonCook

    Actually this little sweetheart should keep his comments and promises to himself or he could easily be disqualified or rankle some nasty judge. Remember guys, the Olympics and the Olympic Association are very homophobic, very anti-gay!!! But there are a lot of people rooting for him!

  • Irene Done

    @I won’t grow up: Bitchy out today isn’t it?

  • starshipcaptain

    When did swimming incorporate a stripper pole?

  • B

    No. 10 · starshipcaptain wrote, “When did swimming incorporate a stripper pole?”

    Since 1928: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt7EmIlld3Q (The pool scene from The Cameraman where Buster Keaton loses his swimsuit while diving – about 7 minutes into the video – and then gets one back.) OK – no literal stripper poll, but …

    The dressing room scene is hilarious.

  • starshipcaptain

    @B: So, where should I tuck my dollar bill, and what am I getting in return? The water is chlorinated, but I’m feeling the need to shower myself.

  • B

    Re No 12 – watch the video and you’ll see where to pay.

  • starshipcaptain

    @jj: As long as you don’t try engaging him in conversation, I expect. Have you ever had sex with a twin who was so dumb he couldn’t engage you in dirty talk? That’s what I am suspecting here.

  • Mcflyer54

    @I won’t grow up: Such a stereotypical catty statement. What’s your olympic event? Couch surfing?

  • starshipcaptain

    @Mcflyer54: Well, the eyes are looking a bit vacant.

  • B

    Meanwhile the latest flap is about an picture that supposedly shows Mark
    Zuckerberg with his shirt off – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/10/mark-zuckerberg-shirtless_n_1766318.html?utm_hp_ref=technology

    It was probably taken at a pool party (that’s my guess) but for some reason people are making a big deal about it. Regardless, the reaction might actually do some good by beating Zuckerberg over the head with a reason why privacy matters even if you have “nothing to hide.”

    For fun with names, Zuckerberg’s last name is the concatenation of the German word Zucker (sugar) and Berg (mountain).

  • Gene in L.A.

    @I won’t grow up: Why? Because he said yes to a request from a fan?

  • starshipcaptain

    I’m cashing out of this. Thanks for the comments.

  • Manuel

    He seems to be doing quite well, so far. Good luck, Matthew. Oh, and @I wont grow up: the feminizing routine as a putdown to gay men is so very stale.

  • kae

    He didn’t make the last 12 and therefore didn’t qualify for the final.

  • felix

    @kae: thanks for the spoiler, asshole.

  • ned

    It just shows the perils of coming out. I’m sure Matthew got judged more harshly by certain judges. By the same token, he seemed to be pushing his gayness to the exclusion of his diving for some time.

  • I won't grow up

    @Irene Done: Yes, I guess that was bitchy but that seems to be a Queerty tradition.

  • I won't grow up

    @Gene in L.A.:Yes its precisely he reason, you can be disqualified for farting at the wrong time in these Olympics, he has to be mre careful because he’s gay. Unfortunate but true.

  • I won't grow up

    @Mcflyer54: No my event is making light of people on this sight who take it seriously, relax it was just a catty remark. We gay people are stereotypically catty. (don’t deny it,we are) Its only sports its not pedophilia or bullying.

  • nineinchnail

    He has a nicely packed speedo so Ill watch. I love the way he ‘does his hair’ before each dive.

  • cam


    “Pushing his gayness”?

    Yes, how DARE he do radical things like……talk to his boyfriend where cameras can see him, and if asked if he is dating anybody he says “Yes”. How disgusting of him to PUSH his gayness like that!

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