Matthew Mitcham’s butt tan, Paolo Bellucci’s smooch, & Jaymes Vaughan’s fanny pack

This week Richard Branson took a rainbow into space, Joe Exotic‘s ex husband found new love, and a trailer for the new Madonna film Madame X dropped on Paramount+. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Paolo Bellucci held his man.

Big Dipper covered his eyes.

Michael Gunning cut through the park.

Matthew Mitcham fixed his tan lines.

Greg Scarnici drip dried.

Kelechi smiled.

Carson Tueller showed off.

Neil Patrick Harris floated on.

Dyllón Burnside stepped out of the shower.

Miles McMillan opened up.

Tom Daley packed for the Olympics.

Jaymes Vaughan brought a fanny pack.

Andrew Rannells got photo bombed.

Grandy Glaze had a seat.

Jake Bain stayed sandy.

Antony Tran admired himself.

Ryan Sampson walked to the water.

Luke Evans soaked up the sun.

Marlon Mckenzie wore blue.

And Max Emerson bumped it.