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Matthew Rush unexpectedly back in jail

Late last month, we told you about Matthew Rush’s skirmishes with the law.

After being charged with methamphetamine possession, the former adult performer’s mugshot showed him looking wan and gaunt, worrying fans.

Unfortunately, Rush (aka Gregory Grove) is back in jail following the arrest.

He was initially arrested September 19th in Broward County, but posted a $1,000.

He was out of custody for a week. During that time, he posted to Twitter: “I’m fine. Thanks to everyone and their support.”

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“I’m in good health and going to lay low.”

He was arrested again September 29th. Records state the bond was surrendered.

Either bail was revoked, or whoever initially paid the bill pulled out.

Related: Matthew Rush breaks silence on drug arrest, fans worry over mugshot

In March, Rush was arrested on an assault charge after a heated exchange with his ex-boyfriend, who said Rush “punched him in his mouth with a closed fist which caused him to start bleeding from his lips”.

Rush claimed it was done in self-defense.  Charges were dropped later that month.

Though no court date has been set, Rush was appointed a public defender last month.

He faces up to five years in prison if convicted.

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  • Creamsicle

    Meth. Not even once.

  • cruzzer

    wow! so sad! he was my first porn star crush! poor guy…

    • pudman56

      To each his own. Over the past 40 years I’ve seen way hotter adult film stars. Personally, I think the ’70s had the best. Hairy men were in and the fantasy filled sex was, well, let’s just say that since the late 80’s, early 90’s it seems that the same script has been passed around to every adult gay film maker. Hairless men, very vanilla sex. I’m not looking for real life when it’s porn.

    • medcannabis1

      Dear Matthew, I hope that there is someone in your life who will embrace you and help you walk through the recovery process from methamphetamine know that in your heart you will be successful in this journey of healing. Find someone who makes you laugh and brings out the kindness in you and Embraces you for who you are and not some image on the monitor. You will be in my prayers and I wish you well

  • Smith David

    A sad day for men everywhere who just wanna nut.

  • ptcruiser13

    Sad indeed, one day we’re drooling over the handsome hunk at a crowded Starbucks in Wilton Manors… the next he’s fallen and wasting away. Get well Matthew, get a handle on whatever’s brought you to this place. You were a model of masculinity and hotness for men everywhere.

  • Terrycloth

    If meth doesn’t eventually kill him the steroids will. I like the slender faced picture except for the bloodshot eyes.

    • seaguy

      He’s no longer doing porn so probably not taking the steroids since he does not have to keep up his body for his Falcon scenes.

  • He BGB

    What a hunk BEFORE meth, though! Wow! AFTER meth, Nosferatu. Get well.

  • AndThenTheresMax

    Remember addicts never admit when there’s a problem. They don’t wanna see the problem. But it’s written all over them.

    • Lvng1Tor

      That is not true. Many addicts are very willing to admit they have a problem and seek help. And even if they are not ready to stop or get help it doesn’t make them oblivious to their own problem. It doesn’t mean they have to tweet it out. Don’t paint a picture of addiction you clearly don’t understand

  • jhon_siders

    Id say Meth and or advanced HIV The roids affect your mind and make you bad tempered along with destroying your internals this guy will not live long from the looks of things .

    • seaguy

      You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. You can’t make diagnoses off someone’s mug shot. Yeah he looks like crap probably from doing meth and not sleeping but you don’t know his HIV status and looking like crap does not mean one is at death’s door. Many meth addicts look worse than him but they don’t die. Unless your a medical doctor, an even then it’s not the best medicine you shouldn’t be making judgements on someone’s mortality based on a mug shot.

  • Lvng1Tor

    5 years for having an addiction problem? We need to stop incarcerating people in this ridiculous “war on drugs” that simply does not work. He needs rehab and therapy, not jail. Our prisons are full of people who could be productive members of society if this was approached as the public health crisis that it is.

    • YourDad

      Agree 100%.

  • truckproductions

    this man has plenty of support and money to get treatment. if he refuses to clean up then jail is the only option. so be it.

    • Lvng1Tor

      So addiction should be judged on a monetary scale? That is so stupid. You obviously have no real understanding, concept or education on the science of addiction. You also assume that since he did some porn that he is somehow connected to a high amount of money rather than a person who did a job and received a salary. You are trapped in this ridiculous concept that every person on film is somehow a “celebrity” and therefore above, wealthier, and better than everyone else…including you.

    • seaguy

      Have you been down in Florida hanging out with him giving you inside knowledge of his situation? Doubt you have so you don’t know that he has plenty of money. In fact he was declared indigent by the courts and giving a public defender. That hardly means he’s got plenty of money for treatment. And addicts often alienate friends and family so he might not have any support. So I would not go rushing to judgement without the facts first.

    • Brian

      Why do you think he has plenty of money? Whitney Houston’s estate was worth about 1/10 of what it should have been for someone with her success. Former porn star + meth addict is not a recipe for plenty of money in the bank.

  • MacAdvisor

    “Rush claimed it was done in self-defense. **Charges were dropped later that month.**
    Though no court date has been set, Rush was appointed a public defender last month.”

    So, the charges were dropped? If the charges were dropped, there isn’t a case any more. Why would there be a court date and a public defender? This doesn’t make any sense.

    • Kangol

      He’s facing time for methamphetamine possession. That was in the second paragraph of the article, just saying. He or someone posted bond for him, the bond was revoked, and now he’s back in jail and facing serious time, when he probably could benefit, like most people with drug problems, from rehab and ongoing treatment.

  • da90027

    Quite sad. As for his appearance that steroid body is hard to maintain without doing major damage to your organs over time. Having a lean build is a younger look I’m sure if he got clean and his overall health improved he would look great with a leaner build. Hope he gets help.

  • kent25

    Damn porn really leaves you F up when they are done with you, I can see why some guys retire after a few years.

    • Donston

      Most of these guys are already more than a lil fvcked up before entering porn, often suffering from drug abuse, extreme cluster b personalities, lack of self-esteem, being ostracized from their families, etc. before even going into that industry. The porn world often just makes those things worse.

  • kent25

    As for porn, get out there make that name for yourself and leave while you’re still on top. Some old mother F’ker don’t know when to leave.Asses sagging dick can’t stay hard, Nobody want to see that , time to hang it up

  • broadshoulder

    My favourite porn star. I

    • Jack Meoff

      He was one of mine too but seeing that mug shot totally kills the fantasy. I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole now.

    • broadshoulder

      I thought he was going to beat it. He was rich, had a good job with a fitness firm. He thought he was going to last. But drugs got him. Still, he’s not dead yet…

    • Kangol

      He was stunning at the height of his fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He also was very friendly when I said hello to him years ago at an outdoor event years ago, even though he could have been a total *sshole, as some other porn stars have been. I really feel bad for him and anyone who gets caught up in drug addiction, because so often they think they can defeat it but without treatment and support, it often ends up destroying them.

  • carver.robertd

    Unexpectedly? Oh, Mary, please, get over yourself!

  • jckfmsincty

    Being a porn star rarely seems to work out well.

    • kelliadkins4444

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  • Mike999

    I hope he rots in jail.

  • BGinBigD

    Really, girls????? A roided pornstar with a history of drug use and ANYONE is surprised he’s a meth head? If Rush is your idea of a hot fantasy, you’re probably on drugs too.

  • Bob LaBlah

    He always came off to me as the type that by this stage in his career in porn he would be a mover/shaker on the business side of porn. What a disappointment. He now comes off as a well kept bottom boy who got so involved in meth he didn’t realize just how old he was getting and just what that shit was making him look like. Seriously were I to have run into him on the street and he looked like that I would have kept right on walking.

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