Matty Healy’s hot gay kiss is single-handedly saving The 1975’s super chaotic tour

Matty Healy kissing a male fan onstage at a The 1975 concert.

2010s-Tumblr-teen mainstays The 1975 are currently out on tour, and lead singer Matty Healy has kicked the chaotic factor up to eleven. The band’s latest tour stop featured the singer inviting a male fan up onstage for a tender embrace — immediately followed by a passionate makeout sesh.

At this past Friday’s show in Las Vegas, Healy brought a female fan up during their song “Robbers” for a little action. He immediately came under fire from a few grass-touching-deficient fans for using a “power imbalance” to “assault” the fan. The fan took to social media to say that he’d asked before kissing her and that she’d been holding up a “So we making out?” sign on her phone prior to it all.

Unperturbed by the Discourse™, the singer did the same thing at the following night’s show in San Diego.

This time, it was with a very enthusiastic male audience member:

He even went back for seconds as the fan was being pulled offstage, smiling in a daze. WHEW!

This whole stunt is a revival of their tradition of kissing fan onstage during “Robbers”, which they were doing even back in 2014.

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This isn’t Healy’s first time passionately and visibly kissing a male fan, either. The artist made headlines in 2019 by locking lips with a fan in Dubai in protest of anti-gay legislation in the region.

During a performance of their song “Loving Someone”, the band had their backdrop change to a rainbow flag before Healy jumped down to greet the crowd and plant one on an audience member holding a “Marry me?” sign.

Some criticized him for potentially putting the fan in danger, for which he later said he felt “pretty irresponsible”. To his credit, the fan asked first and apparently said that he was safe afterwards.

As well-received as the recent gay kiss has been, the band’s “At Their Very Best” tour has been a little off the rails since it started earlier this month.

The initial November 3rd show in Connecticut saw Healy getting… well-acquainted with himself during an instrumental break:

The next night’s show in Boston found him doing pushups shirtless mid-set:

A few nights later he was at Madison Square Garden inexplicably eating raw meat:

General fan consensus is that the band “don’t have a single song where he needs to be doing this.”

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Previous wildin’ out aside, Healy enthusiasts can’t get enough of this most recent moment.

Most are just wishing they were that fan:

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