Max Emerson And Kyle Krieger Wrestle Over Shared Instagram Account, Bianca Del Rio And Willam Judge

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.09.38 PMIn the below video from Max Emerson, he and his equally easy-on-the-eyes boyfriend Kyle Krieger are going through a terrible separation (at least while the cameras are rolling). At the center of it all is who will assume control of their shared Instagram account?!

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Luckily, they have Bianca Del Rio and Willam on hand to help out (because what drag queen isn’t known for deescalating drama?), casting all the shade:

“They have half a million followers on their joint account, what else could you want in a relationship?”

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But ultimately this squabble will be solved with some good old fashioned manhandling — for a cause, of course. The video (and subsequent part II) aim to draw focus to Max’s fundraising efforts for LGBTQ youth.

Watch below: