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Max Emerson and boyfriend Andres Camilo strip down for wicked-hot underwear shoot

@andrescamilo___ kicking off his underpants supermodeling career with @attitudemag and @danieljaems

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Max Emerson, no stranger to flesh-baring and thirst trapping in all its various guises, is clearly eager to get boyfriend Andrés Camilo in on the game.

As Attitude reports, the stunning couple just collaborated on a steamy photoshoot featuring them in all manner of undress, wantonly throwing their love in your reddening face and generally parading around in skimpy briefs, as is their birthright.

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The couple met on social media last year, and have been posting pictures of their pronounced happiness on Instagram at every possible opportunity, like so:

Every time he visits, @andrescamilo___ always insists on a piggyback ride…

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Please tell my monkey that I miss him already by spamming his page with Monday ???. @andrescamilo___

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We challenge you to a #ChickenFight! Describe what our team name should be in 3 emojis.

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Now they’re taking their relationship to the next level — and anyone who’s ever been madly in love knows exactly what we’re taking about: They’ve just been photographed by Daniel Jaems in a glam photoshoot for the Obsession series, where they’re tenderly sporting various briefs and swimwear by D.HEDRAL.

Does this mean I'm an #UnderpantsSupermodel? ? by @danieljaems for @attitudemag

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Interest piqued? Check out more images at Attitude.

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  • Brian

    Is he truly an “actor,” or is he just a hot person with a high number of Instagram followers? What kind of work has he actually done post-college?

    “The couple met on social media.” LOL. Any of these clones could be created by Photoshop, and we wouldn’t know the difference. Do they exist in any tangible way?

    • reallythough

      According to IMDB he has 11 acting credits, 3 directing credits, 3 writing credits, and 3 producing credits. He most recently directed, wrote, and produced Hooked, which Queerty has covered many times. I’m not a huge fan, but having lived in LA for 20 years, I know many people that would love to have that many credits.

    • Ummmm Yeah

      But I think the stretched some of his youtube stuff into credits. So that gets questionable.

  • Godabed

    Who the heck is this person and why should I care? He’s not even a D list Celebrity.

    • JPDonahue

      You cared enough to click on the story AND took time out of your day to comment.

  • JPDonahue

    Max seems like a nice guy. He has dreams and goals that he seems to be making happen.
    Why the hate?

  • mattachinepodcast

    I’m so skeeved out by these people who constantly crave social media likes and follows. It’s bizarro. No hate to either of them–I just don’t understand the psychology behind it. So… strange.

  • tham

    They’re both way too old to be called “internet” stars. The rule of thumb is, if you don’t have a million followers by the time you are 20…you need to find a real job.

    With that said, yeah ok…I’d be more interested if the couples that you blog about were not models (although I have a hard even calling them that…since I have no clue what they are suppose to be modeling…none branded underwear? Tanning spray? PX-90?).

    PS I’m not trying to tell you how to run your site BUT stories about couples usually work best with older longterm couples (like a couple who’s been together for 30 plus years) or younger couples who found love in small town (possible anti-gay) regions. BUT 30 year olds who met online last year…why not go one step further and do “Porn Star couples of the week”. at least I can watch them have sex.

  • justyouandi

    Hey, how about those sexy hairy legs?! So HOT!!

    Hairy is back and I couldn’t be more pleased.

  • Alan down in Florida

    May they always be as happy and in love as they appear to be now.

  • Spike

    Just so thirsty for attention . . . . Max really just needs to leak a full frontal of himself already.

    • Bradsman

      I agree. They’re beautiful but I’m getting tired of seeing them. They need to up the ante.

  • Matt1961

    Max and Andres are a great couple. Max is an underwear model turned social activist, queer film guru, and Andres is a Capt. in the Army Reserves and co conspirator in many of Max’s online activities. While they’re obviously not hard on the eyes, they are taking an active role in providing support for LGBTQ causes nationwide. If you’re not ‘into’ them, that’s cool, but you should be excited about their advocacy.

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