Max Emerson flaunts new invisible bike apparel

In case this is an “emperor’s new clothes” scenario, it’ll be best not to alert Max Emerson to the fact that his “incredible new line of cutting edge performance biking apparel” is actually just a pair of tighty-whities that leave very little to the imagination.

“It’s so advanced, only true cyclists can see it,” he wrote.

Then again, what famous Instagrammer doesn’t relish the opportunity to rack up likes by the boatload while wearing as little as possible?

And Emerson is indeed doing that.

To the tune of 35,000 as of this post, in fact:

Watch out for chaffing.

And since you’re here already, have a taste of what Emerson’s been up to off his two-wheeler:

I miss @andrescamilo___ so here's a picture with him. ? @donlemoncnn

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Fish and visitors begin to stink after three days [email protected]

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Got stuck in a #thirstTtap @lucasmurnaghan

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Alright that’s enough — now get back to work.