Max Emerson flaunts new invisible bike apparel

In case this is an “emperor’s new clothes” scenario, it’ll be best not to alert Max Emerson to the fact that his “incredible new line of cutting edge performance biking apparel” is actually just a pair of tighty-whities that leave very little to the imagination.

“It’s so advanced, only true cyclists can see it,” he wrote.

Then again, what famous Instagrammer doesn’t relish the opportunity to rack up likes by the boatload while wearing as little as possible?

And Emerson is indeed doing that.

To the tune of 35,000 as of this post, in fact:

Watch out for chaffing.

And since you’re here already, have a taste of what Emerson’s been up to off his two-wheeler:

I miss @andrescamilo___ so here's a picture with him. ? @donlemoncnn

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Fish and visitors begin to stink after three days [email protected]

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Got stuck in a #thirstTtap @lucasmurnaghan

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Alright that’s enough — now get back to work.

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  • kent25

    i love Max Emerson He’s one Hot Gay man, eat your heart out Nicole Tortortella. This is the kind of man I swoon over, not you lol

  • Prax07

    meh… just another social media narcissist needing validation from strangers.

    • rmarin776

      Yes. Please let’s not keep rewarding these kinds of guys by posting about them. Do something interesting for the world…. please. Report on the guys in our community that are making a difference, not just being pretty.

    • Rex Huskey


    • mattachinepodcast

      Agree! We get it, Max. You’re hot. What else you got? Growing evermore tired of these social media show-offs. Let’s start profiling those who are actually doing good for the community!

    • Brian

      Considering how God awful most gay independent movies are, no, it’s not enough. I was on TV once, it doesn’t mean I’m a TV star.

  • Armiya

    Yay! More mindless dipshi*s in Speedos! You know Queerty, you could actually be cutting edge if you actually reported on sh*t that was important instead of this mindless crap in nearly every daily post…like EVERY OTHER GAY MEDIA SOURCE. But that’s ok, we readers understand that it’s much easier to cut and paste from other resources (and trying to pass it off as content) and post repetitive Davey Wavey-esque crap like this (under the guise of calling yourself a media source) than actually doing something in your office time that doesn’t involve trolling Instagram for a post. Gay media is sad these days.

    • Ummmm Yeah

      They don’t report. They repost just like all the gay blogs and “news” sources.

    • amigay

      Please, don’t EVER mention Davey Wavey while I’m eating.

  • ProfessorMoriarty

    Eh, I go elsewhere (Towleroad, Washington Blade, et al) for my LGBT news. I come here for the fluff. And Max Emerson, my pets, is as delightfully fluffy as one can get.

    Le sigh.

    • Kieran

      And you also come here because you know you can express your personal viewpoint freely, whereas at towelroad they remove any comments they disagree with.

    • Ummmm Yeah

      And coward Joemygod bans anyone that disagrees with him and his cult of the brainless even once.

    • Stache

      I’ve never seen him do that unless you’re endlessly trolling which I suspect you’re probably guilty of.

  • QJ201

    Porn bods without the Porn D.

    sigh those speedos still have room in them.

  • Spike

    Just another gay himbo and just so thirsty for full frontals of himself to be ‘leaked’….

  • tham

    Isn’t he too old to be an Instagram “Star”. If you are in your 30s, and your “job” is to take pics of yourself for free and post them on online for attention.

    You’re not a star, you’re just a adult with no employable skills.

  • amigay

    Let him have his 15 min of fame because once he’s referred to as “daddy” I suspect that next pop you hear is the balloon of young cuteness bursting.

  • Justin

    Max is awesome!!! Let’s see. Max produced and wrote Hooked. 50% of the proceeds of this film went to GLAAD and the LGBTQ Center of L.A (among others) in hopes to help LGBTQ homeless and abused youth.

  • dwes09

    He seems like a nice enough guy, and good looks are rewarded in all aspects of modern society, or haven’t you jealous queens noticed. He certainly looks good, is not shaved to a fare-thee-well and is moderately ink free. However, to keep things accurate, nobody who refers to themselves as a cyclist would have underwear under their lycra. It defeats the purpose of the chamois and the flat sewn seams, carefully located. Additionally, those who self-define as cyclists would not be riding a flat bar machine with grip-shifts, the least expensive shifters possible with the worst performance found only on the cheapest of bicycles. Even cyclists’ “beater” bikes have higher level componentry.

    But glad to see folks on any bikes, and him in his briefs.

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