Maxim‘s Service Journalism Not Aimed at Gay Men


Lest you thought Maxim‘s recent list of “100 Twitter Accounts Every Guy Should Follow” applied to homosexual men, you’d be mistaken. Not just because they rank Katy Perry at No. 14, and Fake Chuck Norris at No. 2, and Tila Tequila at No. 49 … oh, wait? They put Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste at No. 12, Terrell (not gay!) Owens at No. 67, and Pee-Wee at No. 72, so we take it all back.

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  • RJ

    Maxim’s core audience isn’t homosexual men. They don’t even try to target gay men. And that’s ok, It seems like you’re trying to shame straight people for being straight.

    For the most part, I enjoy a majority of the list. Sure it’s not very enlightening, but then again it’s Maxim.

  • Jason

    Is there a gay Maxim?

    Kind of ridiculous and sexy and alarmingly un-awful?

    Is is Queerty?

  • jason

    Maxim isn’t for straight men. It doesn’t market itself under the “straight men” banner. It caters to men who have a fetish for homosexual activity between women. So there.

    It’s for men with fetishes for female homosexual activity.

  • rrr

    “Men with fetishes for female homosexual activity” is pretty much the same as “straight men”.

  • jason


    Er, the definition of “straight man” is a man who is attracted to the opposite gender. It’s not “man who is attracted to homosexual activity between the opposite genders”.

    The attraction that some men have to female homosexual activity is a fetish, not an orientation. You can’t use a fetish to define an orientation.

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