Maxwell Caulfield Helped Andrew Rannells Realize He’s Gay

ARActor Maxwell Caulfield’s legacy just keeps getting richer. When the ridiculously handsome British actor starred in the 1982 cult musical Grease 2 as the love interest of Michelle Pfeiffer, he did more that just win her character’s heart by the end of the film. He also ignited a fire in the loins of a multitude of gay males of all ages, including a very young Andrew Rannells.

In a video for the It Gets Better series, Rannells, who stars in HBO’s zeitgeist-y comedy Girls and won a Tony Award nod for his work in Broadway’s clever The Book of Mormon, chats about his how his childhood passion for Caulfield helped him realize he’s gay.

“It was just a very basic childlike attraction to certain people,” Rannells recalls now.

‘The earliest memory I have of that was watching Grease 2 and being strangely drawn to Maxwell Caulfield. It was a realization that came very, very early for me and I would assume was also quickly understood by my parents at that time.”

Preach, brother.

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Watch Andrew’s video below and scroll down further to see Maxwell being beautiful and sensitive in Grease 2.