May Katy Perry Win Exactly Zero Grammy Awards

Michael Jackson, Florence and the Machine, Lady Gaga, Margaret Cho, Barbra Streisand … oh, and that Adam Lambert fellow all received Grammy nominations this year. Ugh, so too did Katy Perry (Album Of The Year, Female Pop Vocal, Pop Vocal Album, Pop Collaboration With Vocals), which is just wretched. The Gags better beat her on Album Of The Year, I swear to god.

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  • SpiffyShindigs

    Way to forget Kathy Griffin.

  • Clint

    Haha, right on.

  • Traci

    Why? What’s wrong with Katy Perry? Did she do something or say something against the LGBTQ community? I don’t remember hearing about it. But, if not, I don’t understand what point there was to having this on this particular site. It seems like a post that would be better put up on a more generic, non-political site, or a personal blog.

  • SteamPunk

    Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” is nominated for Album of the Year. That’s who I’m pulling for.

  • SpiffyShindigs


    Queerty’s pissed off because she sang “Ur So Gay” to her ex-boyfriend in a mocking way.

  • Franco

    They Grammy’s are a joke. The nominations themselves prove this. This is the best in music? No.

  • Red Meat

    @Traci: “I kissed a girl,” the only reason she is famous is because gays thought she was a lesbian, but she isn’t. She just wants our cash. Oh and she can’t sing, she is fabricated.

    On a side note, guys that listen to her music turn me off.

  • Benjamin

    I enjoy some of her music, and I like her video for FIREWORK, which includes 2 gay guys kissing. I guess I don’t have time to work up so much hate like other folks here.

  • jason

    Katy Perry traded on the “ooh, wouldn’t it be fun if I was a hot bi chick” notion. This notion serves the sleazy straight guy fantasy for girl-girl action, and not the GLBT cause. The music industry is full of these straight male-pandering attention whores.

    Note how genuinely bisexual male singers in the commercial music scene are not allowed to advertise the fact or to use the fact of their bisexuality in their marketing. If you’re genuine and male, the music industry doesn’t want to know you.

    The music industry has become a vile industry dominated by sleazy straight guys and their “bisexual” female enablers.

  • Peter

    I’m gay and I love her, my gay friends love her.Queerty is so irrelevant…

  • Dollie

    Hahahahahahaha!! It was a REEEALLY awful/slow music year, wasn’t it? Best duo- Katy Perry and Snoop Dog? Give me a break!

    I was just waiting to see Kesha’s name. That would have really been the tops (or the lows… Whichever.).

  • NovaNardis

    Does Katy Perry make music deserving of a Grammy? Hell no. No one is going to be dancing to Katy Perry twenty years from now. But it’s catchy, and fun.

    Can Ur So Gay be read as homophobic? Yeah, it can. But in the context of everything else she’s done — ie Firework — I don’t think that’s fair to her. It takes a bit much to work up so much venom for this you really shouldn’t worry about.

    What you could say is that maybe Perry is trying to milk the gay audience for their money. If that’s the case, she’s just like every other person in the entertainment ***business***. She just chooses a different target. And I for one think that represents a bit of a normalization for the GLBT community.

  • Joe

    @Red Meat:

    She actually can sing… Search “Black and Gold” by Katy Perry or search under her original name Katy Hudson… She might not deserve the Grammys, but she can sing.

  • t money

    she can def sing. she sang live at the victorias secret show and killed it! she is it. she has very catchy songs. good to dance to. no need to hate.

  • mark

    Kelis was snubbed. Here is hoping for ROBYN to win best dance song.

  • Pip

    KP is just annoying as hell. She isn’t that talented and California Girls is a horrible song

  • bb

    Umm, how did Kanye’s new album now get nominated for best rap album? It’s incredible. Or did it miss some cut off date?

  • tonyd

    @mark: Kelis did a remarkable album; there wasn’t a weak moment on the whole thing. I agree!

  • Red Meat

    @Joe: Are you serious? The only situation I would agree with you would be at a karaoke night.

  • Queer Supremacist

    I almost quit my gym because they wouldn’t stop playing “California Gurls” along with Kedollarsha’s “Your Love is My Drug”, the latest tuneless diatribe by Rolf from The Sound of Music, whoops, I mean Eminem, and “I Wanna Be a Millionaire”. If a deaf person had a cochlear implant installed and that was the first thing she heard, they’d rip it out instantly.

    If Katy Perry can sing, she simply chooses not to on her singles. Just like Bob Dylan chooses not to sing on anything other than “Lay Lady Lay”.

  • Joe

    @Red Meat:

    Are you a musician at all, particularly a vocalist? Because if not, your opinion doesn’t hold much water. If you are a musician, maybe you could give examples of why you think she’s so terrible.

    She definitely doesn’t have the best technique (breathing, phrasing, along with some intonation problems), but if you can’t see that she at least has a leg to stand on then I have no idea what you’re hearing.

    I’ll agree that she really can sound like shit (live), but she sounds at least ALRIGHT in this situation.

  • jeff

    Agreed. She’s has zero authenticity.

  • Stenar

    I dig Katy Perry’s music. And very much enjoyed her live in concert.

  • Pitou

    Why the F wasn’t Robyn nominated? Her shit has rocked the entire last half of this year! Gaga is my second, but Robyn is definitely my first. I haven’t liked Katy Perry since ever. Her shit definitely sucks dirrty old Vag!

  • Jeremy

    Katy’s music sucks out loud and she cannot sing. My karaoke night has been better than her voice. That’s enough for me to think she does NOT deserve a single nomination. Much like Britney Spear. I like Britney, but calling her “artist” is quite ridiculous.

  • TNG Zack

    Wait, queert: Now you don’t want to Katy Perry to win grammys? How come you post about her so often all the damn time? Engineering your own backlashes is a funny way to create news…

  • Red Meat

    @Joe: You might as well become her ass wiper if you are wasting your time defending her talent. I don’t need to be a musician to enjoy and CRITIQUE what musical talent is.

  • swarm

    Oh shock. 27 comments and not one single shout out to Adam Lambert. The only actual mainstream gay person in entertainment history who’s out and proud from the start of his career. And of course the blogger has to follow his name with “ugh”. I’m still waiting to find out the authors are of these supposed gay blogs here. My money’s on it being some straight people making their living off of manipulating the “readership”.

  • DC05

    Good going Adam Lambert! Met the guy recently at a gig he did in Canada, and he was GENUINLY a nice person, very down to earth, we basically just showed up..my friend is a crazed fan of his, I was indifferent, after the show behind the venue my friend saw, spotted, screamed, and approached him and he sincerely made an effort to make conversation and be damn pleasent. Oh, and he can definitely sing the shit out of his shit. Major talent on the guy. Also happy to see Robyn get the nom!

  • Joe

    @Red Meat:

    I’m glad you were the one to take this farther than it needed to go.

    It is actually important to be a musician (or at least understand how music works) in order to properly critique music and musicians… Otherwise you end up talking out of your ass, just like you’ve been doing.

    Oh, and I notice you didn’t actually give any reasons for why you don’t like her. That’s what real critiques consist of; actual reasons and not just bitching. Being an asshole and critiquing are very different.

  • Bryan

    I still will never why California Gurls is such a good song. And as for Katy Perry’s voice, she sounds awful doing ballads or anything slow, she should stick to quirky, catchy, bubblegum pop.

  • Nader

    @Joe: I seriously beg your pardon. She can’t sing in any way shape or form. You’d have to be utterly tone deaf to think otherwise.

    That being said, she deserves no Grammy. Last time I checked “baby your a firework, let your colors burst, make em go ah ah ah your gonna leave em all in ah ah ah” was in no way a sensible form a lyrical depth.

    I’m pulling for Lady Gaga, Florence, Arcade Fire, Streisand, etc. ya know, people with actual talent…

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