Gay Military Couples Might Get Some Benefits Despite Defense of Marriage Act

In 60 days Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell will be toast but the Defense of Marriage Act will continue to deny legally married military couples the same spousal benefits their straight counterparts enjoy. Or will it?

Marine Corps Major General Steven Hummer—the chief of staff for the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Implementation Team—said that over the next two months and beyond, his team will look into possibly extending some marital benefits to certain servicemembers and their designated beneficiaries. He also said he expects they’ll be able to do this without an executive order overriding DOMA.

“Beneficiaries?” Does that just apply to the spouses of gay soldiers or will all military personnel get to pick whomever they want to receive their benefits? Hmm…


Asked if the difference in gay and straight spousal benefits might cause friction in unit cohesion, Hummer replied that, as usual per military policy, he’ll deliver the beatdown on anyone who tries to start shit. Word.

But will Obama have to issue an extra measure protecting gay troops from military harassment? Hummer said “Hell no! We got a chain of command to handle that shit, don’t we?! Shit gurl, shit.”

Then Hummer delivered two snaps, a twist, a kiss and walked offstage with a savoir faire that can only be described as Janet Jackson-esque.*

*These things may not have happened exactly as described.


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