UPDATE: “Maybe She Is Crazy”: Linda Harvey’s Anti-Gay Book Pulled From Amazon

maybe-hes-not-gayIf you logged onto to buy Mission: America founder and 80’s picture studio stock model Linda Harvey’s book for your allegedly gay son as a belated Christmas present, you may be out of luck.

According to Back2Stonewall, Maybe He’s Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality has been yanked off the virtual shelves after receiving letters of complaint.

So it looks like Harvey fans will have to look for the answers to those hard questions she poses somewhere else. Questions like, “Is there another possibility that transcends the seeming finality of a homosexual identity?”

I dunno, Homofin?

UPDATE: According to a spokesperson from Amazon, “the publisher removed the book from sale, not Amazon.” Sigh. Well, I guess there’s always hope that the publishers, finally coming to their senses, found their own book to be a load of crock and burned every copy in a ritualistic bonfire.