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Maybe The Answer To Exodus International Is This Ex-Ex-Gay Group

The Rev. Jerry Stephenson, a Truth Wins Out board member and author of couple sexuality books, is starting something called God’s Worthy Creation in Ft. Lauderdale. It is an ex-ex-gay group, working in tandem with a counseling center that’ll help treat victims of brainwashing who were told they could be straight if they prayed hard enough. Or as I like to call them: failed former homosexuals.

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  • Tyler T.

    What a tangled web we weave. Good for them though.

  • mudgeboy

    @Tyler — I agree. I guess what we need next is an ex-ex-ex-gay group to tell them that it’s okay to switch from gay to not-gay, and then switch from not-gay to gay again, and then switch one more time from gay to not gay. The web is indeed tangled and it goes gay to not-gay to not-not-gay to not not not gay!

  • B

    No. 2 · mudgeboy wrote, “@Tyler — I agree. I guess what we need next is an ex-ex-ex-gay group”

    That’s in Teddy Haggard’s department. He officially became gay when he was outed by a male prostitute. Then he was “saved” once the talk-show circuit started to wind down. My very cynical guess is that he’ll become an ex-ex gay and then an ex-ex-ex gay, if only to keep public interest where it “belongs.”

  • BamBam

    round and round the merry round they go. who they’ll fuck next, nobody knows!

  • Hellarious

    There are many many more ex-ex-gays than ex-gays. I have yet to meet an ex-gay who’s not waaaay too huggy. Blech. I feel sorry for their wives.

  • jimstoic

    God bless them. These are people who have sincerely tried to be good, and to do the right thing, albeit in a confused way. It gets better!

  • Shane

    This is great to hear. As an ex-ex-gay who is no longer into God (I get triggered by all that God talk) I would never go to a group like Stephenson’s but I guess for some people it can help. I like how the group Beyond Ex-Gay welcomes both people of faith and those of us who have needed to move on in order to recover. Great articles on their site and a community group too. beyondexgay.com

  • justiceontherocks

    All “ex-gays” become “ex-ex-gays” sooner or later.

  • Jeffree

    Oh crap, now the ex-ex-bi people will want their own group too !

    Next on the news: “Ex-Asexuals Find Sex Mildly Interesting”…….

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