Maybe This Gay Former Idol Hopeful Can Explain What Adam Lambert Is Going Through

Perhaps the person most qualified to speak on whether being gay is a liability for American Idol‘s Adam Lambert is not, say, Bill O’Reilly, but a former contestant who was also openly gay. You probably don’t know Tom Lowe’s name too well, but back in season six, he made it to the Top 40 before being cut — and wondered whether he got cut because he was previously in the UK boy band North And South, or because of his sexuality. Also: He posed nude (with naught parts hidden) for the cover of Attitude. (Another option: He wasn’t good enough.)

Now set to appear in the musical review Back to Bacharach and David in Los Angeles, Lowe tells Greg In Hollywood, “I didn’t really ever come to the decision (to be out) but I dd a couple of interviews for a Harvard newspaper when I was at Harvard and I was very outspoken and that just kind of got onto the Internet and I’ve had no choice ever since to be out. No regrets so far. I feel like times are changing and I’d love to be one of those actors who is free and out – like Neil Patrick Harris – and it hasn’t had a negative effect. However, I’m not as famous as he is. I don’t shout about it, I don’t mention it if it’s not mentioned but I don’t see the point of telling lies.”