Mayor Adrian Fenty: Gay Marriage ‘Is in the Future’ of D.C.


“I think you can certainly anticipate that [gay marriage] is in the future of the District of Columbia. How soon, we don’t know. But this is a huge step forward in being — having a law that recognizes marriages from other jurisdictions. And I do believe that nationally there’s movement on this issue. Just in the past six to 12 months — you just announced Maine being the latest state to grant same-sex marriages. I think, just as marriage used to prohibit people from different races from being able to marry each other in this country, and that was done away with; I think prohibiting same-sex marriage will be done away with also in this country.” —Handsome gay rights ally and Washington D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, responding to the City Council’s affirmation of out-of-state same-sex marriage recognition. Heh, no comment on Marion Barry?