Mayor of Beit Shemesh Insists There Are No Gay People In His City

Moshe Abutbul (pictured), mayor of the Israeli city Beit Shemesh (pop. 75,000), claimed in an interview last week that his city is “holy and pure” and free of any homosexuals.

While speaking with a local news station Friday, ultra-Orthodox Abutbul was asked about the presence of gay people in his city. He replied: “We have no such things… Thank God this city is holy and pure.” Beit Shemesh, he added, is like a “garden of Eden.”

He then suggested that all gay people should be rounded up and handed over to to the Health Ministry and the police so they can “take care of them.”

Rabbi Yitzhak Hagar, a Beit Shemesh resident, was also interviewed for the segment. He told the reporter that when it comes to gay people, “the central problem is a psychological problem, which needs treatment… In our community the problem is treated very, very well.”

Shortly after the interview, the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, whose city shares a sister-city relationship with Beit Shemesh, sent Abutbul a letter that read:

“Mr. Mayor, gays and lesbians are neither sick nor criminal. Your comments hurt and offend many in your community, in Israel and in the Diaspora, and we urge you to immediately retract them… The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington has made it clear that in our community, we welcome people of all abilities, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religious beliefs.”

LGBT activists in Beit Shemesh also responded. On Sunday they released a statement saying: “The mayor of Beit Shemesh says that there are no gays in his city. He’s asked the police to deal with this phenomenon. Well, we talked to the police, and they’ll deal with us – with a pride parade that we will hold this upcoming Thursday.”

In response to the backlash, Abutbul did a follow-up interview with a local radio station, where he kinda sorta dug himself into an even deeper hole.

When asked about his statements regarding gay people, the mayor awkwardly responded that he had misunderstood the term “gays,” thinking it meant “pedophiles.”

Even if it had been a misunderstanding, the Jewish Press points out that Abutbul’s original claims that the city was “holy and pure” would not be true. The Beit Shemesh Child Protection Center says they have received approximately 100 reports of child abuse so far in 2013, of which over 85% are allegations of child sexual abuse.

Abutbul was reelected as mayor last month. In addition to coming under fire for his recent comments made about gay people, he is also facing an investigation over alleged voter fraud.

Sounds like there might be a cold front hitting the garden of Eden.

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  • Dakotahgeo

    Another Jewish unkosher ass hat! And a Mayor yet! I hope thousands of positive people show up for the Pride Parade.

  • cowvillekid

    “all Gay people should be rounded up and handed over to the Health Ministry” hmmmm a Jew proposing the final solution for homosexuals. I find this particularly offensive.

  • nieciedo

    “He then suggested that all gay people should be rounded up and handed over to to the Health Ministry and the police so they can “take care of them.”

    Yes, this is a completely appropriate sentiment coming from a Jew, a member of a people who has totally never been subjected to similar treatment by a government, ever.

  • tricky ricky

    a garden of eden? they sure do have low expectations for gardens of eden over there.

  • 2eo

    I’ll just go the whole hog and say this jew is advising a holocaust against another group of people. Literally exactly the same as the last one, bout 1940ish, may have heard of it.

  • Kieran

    An important story. It is important for us to remember that Jewish religious fanatics can be just as vicious, bigoted and pig-headed toward gay people as Christian and Muslim homophobes. If this slob had his way he’d transport all gay Israelis to the Gaza Ghetto.

  • Bill Perdue

    I hear there’s an opening in the Tehran police – he should apply.

  • Stache1

    Well, this sounds familiar. Seem to remember the other religious nutjob saying something familiar.

    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad..
    “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country,”
    “we do not have this phenomenon,” he continued. “I do not know who has told you we have it.”

  • Stache1

    @Stache1: In Ahmadinejad’s defense though he probably just thought they executed all of them already.

  • tdx3fan

    Sure, there are no gay people in his city. That is why he is a dead ringer for Harvey Fierstein. Perhaps, he should look in a mirror.

  • balehead

    Ship him to Iran….

  • DarSco

    Typical (so-called)religious a-hole! he assumes there are no queers there cuz he can’t find any1 who wants to screw his billy goat lookin ,dirty hairy A.s.S. lol

  • twoguysbrooklyn

    I wonder how many of the billions of dollars we send to Israel wind up controlled or in the hands of pigs (pun intended) like him? My tax dollars and yours.

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