Mayor Recalled to Chat Rooms


The people of Spokane have spoken. They’ve booted Mayor James West, who cruised for twinks on chat rooms and offered at least one a cool city job, out of office.

West tried somewhat valiantly to save his hide by constantly apologizing to his fellow Spokanites, even going so far as to claim last week that he’s now abstaining from gay sex.

But we’re going to miss hearing about Republican (and hypocrite) West’s flirtatious emails.

Here, thinking he’s talking to a hot high school jock, West attempts to convince him to stay mum about his true identity saying, “someday I may run for Governor and this would be bad if you know what I mean.”

Well, we now know exactly what you mean.

It means Cobra 82nd‘s celibacy is getting shattered this weekend now that there’s plenty of time to troll the chat rooms.